Feb 6, 2022


Thank goodness Stewey isn't here to see this. In addition to my experimentation with nail wraps, I am now sporting...wait for it...an ear cuff!! I know a lot of this has to do with me feeling like a rapidly balding water buffalo, but I am actually concerned with what comes next. 

(Editor's note: This post in NO WAY implies that there is anything wrong with women (or men, for that matter) who wear nail wraps and ear cuffs. But have you met me?! I am the absolutely un-hipest middle aged portly spinster on the planet!)

*** The nail wraps are from Lily and Fox and are $3 a set! The ear cuff was from the amazons and was $10!***


  1. I like your nails AND your ear cuff! Go wild! Enjoy life! You've earned it!

  2. I think a tattoo is next on your agenda! (Unless you already have one?!?) Your nails always look so nice and your ear cuff is cool! I just got new glasses and they are BLUE!! I had to be talked into those but I love them. I'm definitely more un-hip than you - but of course I'm MUCH older!

  3. I love your nails and ear cuff! You are an awesome inspiration!! I just started using color street on my nails and love it.

  4. Now you've got me wanting an ear cuff...

  5. You go girl!๐Ÿ‘ Stewey๐Ÿถ is cheering you on from the rainbow bridge!๐ŸŒˆ


  6. Hey, you do the New You. As long as you don't get "all liquored up and ride your tricycle down main street", it's good to experiment with new things. Also...you might want to start checking out some cool wigs. A friend of mine started wearing them when she lost her hair during chemo. When she got her hair back- she shaved it short and kept wearing the wigs!

  7. I agree - a tattoo is the next thing you need. A stitchy themed one, or maybe one commemorating Stewy. The new bean.

    Please tell more about nail wraps. I can't wear nail polish due to such soft nails the polish cracks and peels in a couple of hours. Seriously. Are they flexible and stay on well?
    Sometimes it would be nice to spiff up the nails on those super rare occasions.

    1. The nail wraps are a stretchy plastic that go on very easy, & they're so beautiful! I have a bunch of them, because my nails are apparently too wide
      Plus they're only $3 each, with free shipping! So they're worth it to try a set, & see if they'll work for you. Otherwise Maniology has a great way to do fancy nails easily

  8. Go Coni! Love those nail wraps you are rocking! Nice ear cuff! Have a super Monday!

  9. Get it out of your system so later sans regret..... How in the
    doing, has it made you feel? If it perked you up...go for it...stop the doubting... just don't go jigging down the middle
    of Main after midnight...unless that perks you up, too.

  10. I'll have to dig out my ear cuff from the '90s!

  11. Re: tatoos
    There are a plethora of fake ones- in my sleeveless days, I would change out a right shoulder tatoo weekly... what silly wonderful fun ๐Ÿ™‚