Dec 27, 2021


As soon as I get my act together, I'm heading back to Indy for transplant clinic tomorrow. I'm dragging my feet and keep trying to find excuses not to go, but I know it's because my inner six year old knows she's going to get yelled at for gaining weight.


I will put my socks and shoes on and get down there and be a big girl and will face the consequences. The truth of the matter is that everybody keeps telling me to relax a minute, because it has only been three months since transplant and I am really doing quite well, but by now I expected to be a marathon running vegan nun living on a kale farm.


I have, however, set a plan for myself for going forward, and that means I will go back to my pre-transplant routine of two small meals a day, no junk, and adding walking on the treadmill (as long as nobody is in the gym). I'll get approval tomorrow, I hope, because this weight is NOT a welcome visitor.

We're off like a herd of fat little almost bald-headed turtles with our stitching bag and a container of pills the size of a Buick! Hopefully I remembered everything important and can manage to get down and back without any drama.

See you on the other side, Dearies!


  1. Good luck and have a safe trip!

  2. Praying you through for safe travel and a good report on test results... Wish presence of food concerns could be erased from
    your mind...your past success proved you know what to do... and your body cooperated...treat it and yourself kindly by good choices and moderation....and the six year old will be

  3. Safe journey. As for the weight, you have had freedom for a while. You can do it. Baby steps still. Fingers crossed for happy test results.

  4. Wishing you a safe journey and a successful trip.

  5. I highly doubt you'll get yelled at! Didn't the nurse & doctor at Cleveland tell you right now healing was higher priority than weight loss? They may well tell you (gently!) now is the time to get back on track with being careful what you eat and get back to exercising more, but yell? Not likely. I hope the trip there and back are good weather & traffic!

  6. Coni, have a safe trip to and from your appointment. As for getting back on the weight loss wagon, you can do it. Remember, small changes will get you where you want/need to be. Thinking of you.

  7. Good thoughts and prayers following you....I'm sure you gained less than you think! Luv,


  8. Safe travels! Yoy've got a plan, and you have the courage to work your plan! We'll be waiting for your report on the other side!

  9. Get on the treadmill no matters who's in the gym. Older chubby females are invisible. That's our secret power. I don't care what people think it doesn't stop me from exercising between that and Jesus it keeps be sane : )

    1. Oh,'s a matter of covid safety! I'm so compromised that I need to avoid being near people!

  10. Coni,
    It matters not what others think. It’s between you, God and the doctors. You are one of the strongest, most determined women I know. Be kind to yourself. None of us are perfect!! But please keep that sense of humor!!

  11. I LOVE your comments, each and every single day. I love that you are brave and strong and that you cut yourself some slack when you're not perfect. Have a happy New Year.
    P.S. I've heard that if you eat in a closet and no one sees you there are absolutely no calories in anything you're eating. I think that wonderfully fat comedian Toddy Fields said that (I don't remember if that's her real name as I have chemo fog badly) and I don't think it worked out too well for her. Hope springs eternal though.