Sep 14, 2021


Buzzy had his three-month roro-rootering this morning, so I am taking a moment to get my wits about me, to grab a bite, slurp some coffee, and then head back to the big girl sleigh bed for the duration. The new doctor that tends to us at the Access Center believes that a little extra sedation goes a long way, so I am a bit...fuzzy around the edges.

But not in a bad way.

After my snooze, I will make a lovely dinner for JB...grilled chicken, baby potatoes, and roasted veg, and I will hopefully get myself back into a stitchy groove.

I am expecting a recovery day tomorrow, since Buzzy is usually too swollen and sore for the d-chair, so stay tuned for the Futzingday Shenanagin Report!

Happy Tuesday, Dearies!


  1. Hope Buzzy is doing okay this AM. Thinking of you, Coni!

  2. I hope you are feeling better this morning and enjoying a day of recovering.

  3. Hope all is well. Don't push it on your recovery day.