Jul 21, 2021


I honestly don't know what my dealieeo is, Dearies. I ended up finishing the living room, took a long hot scrubby shower, had a bite to eat, and then stitched while watching the Phillies. At 10 o'clock on the dot I put myself to bed and then proceeded to be COMPLETELY WIDE AWAKE until 4:30 this morning....at which time I fell into a deep sleep for about ten minutes.


Thank you for the nice comments about the living room. It still doesn't make any sense whatsoever from a design standpoint, but for now it works and it's going to stay put for a bit.

I've decided to go with the flow of this mood and just be still for a minute and let it run its course. I suspect that there are any number of reasons for its cause, but there's no point in trying to figure it out, because I know it will pass and I'll be back to my happy carefree self eventually. (She says optimistically).

Today is my dear dad's birthday. He would have been 89 today. I gave Stewey's box an extra little pat and told him to give some extra kisses today, and I had the happy thought that Mom and Dad might do something fun together and enjoy themselves with everybody up there.

Time to settle in with my blanket and pillow, I think. Happy Futzingday to one and all! I hope life in your corner of the world is happy and healthy and fun and wonderful! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Catching up again with your posts. I like the new arrangement in the living room. Hoping your Wednesday is grand. Thinking of you, Coni!

  2. Hang in there... this will pass and you will spring back with
    a fresh attitude and renewed vigor. It is amazing what you accomplish while in the throes of the funk.... Have a good day.

  3. I slept recently, or didn't, in the same way as you. And a friend in another part of the country mentioned that he had done the same, on the same night. We can't understand it, but we're sure that in some kind of way, some parts of our minds were together. Maybe your Dad popped in for a chat with part of you that you couldn't access at the same time as he did? Or to admire the living room? Why not?

  4. I did the same thing one night this week. Just could not fall asleep. Thankfully it just seemed to be a one night thing. I hope yours is too!

  5. I had the wide awake thing happen on Monday night!

    I love your stitching updates, even if I don't do it myself. I used to cross stitch, but these days I knit, & I'm learning a fiddley new technique!

    Here's hoping for better sleep for all of us

  6. I'm trying to make little bows with a fork to try to complete daughter's wedding quilt - only 40 to go. Fiddly indeed!
    Sleep perchance to dream . . .
    Your little lilies? stars? look really cute.

  7. Happy birthday to your dear dad in heaven.

  8. When I have those nights, I read or listen to audiobooks and just don’t worry about missed sleep. The books will drop or eliminate the anxiety, and I know my body will tell me when I am beyond tired and reward me with sleep. Hang in there.