Jun 23, 2021


If you've been with me any length of time, you probably know that I thoroughly love the morning newspaper with my damn good. I think I have been reading the paper in the morning from the time I was in my first little tiny apartment in college....which is about a billion years ago.

I even worked for the paper for a brief time writing obituaries, and I have to say that I loved everything about that job, and got especially excited to walk through the newsroom. Had things been different, I might have stayed there and tried other positions, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Anywhoose...I have been locked in a six month battle with the South Bend Tribune over delivery issues. First, I wasn't getting the paper, then they were delivering it downstairs, then it was coming super late, and then it just stopped coming altogether.

Calling to report these issues became a complete exercise in futility and frustration, and on Thursday of last week I finally gave up, told the representative to cancel everything, return my payment, and just forget about it all together.

Guess who got her paper at 5:30 this morning right there in front of her front door?

So I've decided to just surrender my entire life to whatever/whoever it is that's up there running things for me, since he/she/it seems to be doing a much better job of it than I ever could.

(I'm pretty sure it's my mom, since she had a wicked sense of humor and absolutely loved irony.)

(Heavy, heavy sigh).

So now that I have all of this free time, it looks like I'll be able to get a lot more stitching accomplished. Here's the progress on Summer at Cherry Hill:

I'll need to move the q-snaps today to continue further, and I'm fretting a bit over the amount of thread I have left to finish this one, so I might need to make an emergency trip over to House of Stitches to re-stock. 

(Would that be so bad?)

Cool and rainy here today, so I think I might snuggle under my blanket and snooze a bit. I slept pretty well last night, but seemed to wake up every half hour to check the time.

Happy Fitzingday, Dearies! I hope your week has treated you well thus far. If so, come tell me all about it! And, if not, come tell me all about it too, and we'll see if we can fix it together.


  1. Rain, glorious rain! Not only much needed in Iowa, will it last long enough to avoid weeding today?

    My dad said the only reason he got the paper was so he knew what day it was, but had no delivery issues either. But that was 3+ years ago. I think a visit a needlework shop is perfect for a rainy day!

  2. We had a bit of rain on Tuesday. Today, it is sunshine. We get the local paper; it comes via the mail on Thursdays. Your stitch is looking good.

  3. I always loved reading the daily paper. But then they cut home delivery to only a few days a week. The content kept getting less and less. And there were constant delivery issues. We finally gave up several years ago. I miss it!

  4. Talk about the memories of getting the news at its best.I can
    remember as a youngster the satisfaction of the weekly Life magazine filling that bill, notable photography and all. It was a different and,perhaps, a better time. I imagine you would have had a rewarding and successful career with that newspaper.. you have the gift..

  5. Is this the same fight you had talked about ages ago! I can't believe you were still having a hard time with them. At least that last paper arrived where it should. Cherry Hill is looking gorgeous!!

  6. "An emergency trip to House of Stitches" <3

    Here in Toronto, stores have only recently opened for "non-essential" supplies after being under lockdown for months and months. Yes, one of my first shopping trips was to the craft store. Where I had trouble finding things because they had chosen reopening week to rearrange the store.

    So I had to wander around a lot. And my FitBit said I did over 2,000 steps, just for that shopping trip.

    I'm all in favour of thread/yarn/crafty shopping as key parts of a fitness plan!

  7. I've started sewing again, & am so happy at how my dress came out, that I had to tell you! It's just a fairly shapeless housedress, but it fits right, the bust darts are in the right spot, & it means I can make fun holiday dresses out of quilting cotton! I'm so easily amused these days :-D

    Perhaps if there's a place not too far from you, you could go on a daily walk to get the newspaper, & save it until morning? I had an issue with our paper, that 3 calls to them did not fix... until my husband called. Which made me even angrier

  8. I've been diy-ing with my daughter - we're both wheelchair users so any form of diy usually involves a lot of adapting our ways of working, and a lot of laughter! Also, we're looking after one of our dogs who had an operation to remove a slipped disc in his neck a couple of weeks ago....trying to keep him still is a feat in itself! :)

  9. Oh memories - I read the paper every morning of my life until I couldn't deal with the delivery issues. The delivery times went from a little after 4am to maybe 6am to around 9am to 2 in the afternoon, and I refused to read the paper at night like some barbarian so I just gave up and moved online. I don't like it as much - I miss just reading a story without having a list of other stories to click on and ads dancing across my screen and knowing that every story I read is going into someone's database to give me even more ads. I always read the paper cover to cover, and it just isn't as pleasant to constantly make decisions about which story I want to read. I know it killed the trees but I do miss it. Sigh.