Jun 26, 2021


Chello, Dearies!

It's going on about 2pm on a drizzly Saturday, and Yours Truly is settling down to do some stitching and TeeVee watching.

I'm contemplating movies or a binge of something interesting, because I feel like my brain needs a rest and a good scrubbing with a non-abrasive brush after three days of Housewives.


My pool time might be non-existent for quite awhile, since every time I look outside it's either blowing like mad and looking like the heavens are going to open up, or the pool cover is firmly in place because the nice lady that opens and closes it is either late, has forgotten completely, or they are doing something with chemicals. 

Oh well. 

I forgot to post this photo from Thursday. I had two appointments at the same location, but they were separated by a bit of time, so I grabbed a Starbucks and wandered through my old neighborhood to have a look at Chez Spinster. (I do that from time to time whenever I am feeling nostalgic.)

The new owner (who I hope is also a happy, portly spinster) has installed a window box under the studio window...something I always wanted to do in my 14 years there, but never did:

I would have liked it to be much longer...the width of the window and shutters combined, and I would have liked more vining/trailing things hanging, and possibly some color, but one fact kind of hits me between the eyeballs.

I don't live there anymore.

Spinstercation is still delightful, but I really need to learn to lay off the salty things for a bit. I had edamame, gyoza, and California roll for dinner last night and awoke to a very puffy face and hands. The scale told me that I had not gained anything after treatment yesterday (which in itself is a miracle), but I am going to be super careful for the rest of the weekend and watch it.

My weight is still well under transplant goal weight at 109kg, and although I have been careful, I haven't been actively losing recently. A few medication hiccups are to blame, as well as some less than perfect choices on my part, but hopefully I can ratchet it up a bit and get a kilo or so off each week until I either hit my ultimate goal weight or get this transplant...whichever comes first.

On that note, there is no news. I hope to have results from the latest liver test soon. My coordinator left me a message that the doctors were reading the test now and should have some reports back within a few days, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Well, I suppose that I should get myself moving, or it will be back to the big girl sleigh bed for a snooze. I have been rather sleepy this morning and a little wiped out, so I'd like to put at least a few stitches into something before "resting my eyes".

I hope your weekend is swell! Come tell me all about it!


  1. CS1 looks wonderful; though my first thought, before I read onto your thought, was “The window box could be longer.” I’ve wanted to ask about it many times, but didn’t want to strike a sad note for you, if it would. All in all it looks like it is being well cared for and loved, and that makes me happy!

  2. Coni, your stitch is looking good. I, too, think the window box should be longer. It looks like it is being well cared for so that is a blessing. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I, too wondered about CS1 and what happened to it Glad someone is caring for it like you would. Stitching is a good stress reliever for me too.

  4. I had the same thought on the window box. But it does look like the new owners are taking very good care of CS1.