Apr 1, 2021


 It's already time for bed, and I feel like I am just now sitting down to stitch.

(Heavy, heavy sigh).

I don't know where the day went, to be honest. There was putzing and futzing and newspaper reading and bill paying and comforter washing and lasagna making and hot shower taking and q-snap moving and baseball watching and basketball watching...

But nothing really to show for it except clean hair and shaved legs.

(Who am I kidding? The legs alone are enough to exhaust me. Why would I think a day that included shaving them would be concluded before bedtime?)

In any event, I really am heading into bed in a moment. I need to start reading before bed again, and tonight I need to start a new book. The last book I read was the first in my life that I have ever thrown against the wall incomplete. I have never been so disappointed in a book before. The writing was ridiculously bad and the editing was even worse, and I was furious that the thing managed to get published.  I didn't read the reviews before ordering it, but if I would have, I could have avoided the aggravation.

(Betty, before you point out that I, too, am a terrible writer and this here blog is FULL of grammatical errors and typos, may I just point out that this here blog is free and just that...a blog.)

The thing that really gripes me is that it is supposed to be a biography of Helene Hanff...the author of 84 Charing Cross Road...which has become my new obsession. I have played the movie every night before bed for about three months now. (No, sadly, I am not exaggerating). I really wanted to learn more about her, and thought this would be a good way to do so.


So if anybody out there knows of a biography of Helene Hanff NOT written by Stephen Pastore...could you let me know?

(And if you know Mr Pastore and are offended by my comments, all I can say is that he was either the victim of a bad book deal that did not include proofreading or editing, or he was the perpetrator of a big fat fraud on some stupidly unsuspecting publishing company.)

End of rant.

Big weekend coming up here in Hoosierville. Tomorrow is Cottage Care day, and sometime between 11am and 1pm a new mattress and box spring set is being delivered to CS2. I am mortified to confess the age of the present set, but suffice it to say it is time for a change.

(The current set was a housewarming gift from the partners of the company that I worked for).

(In New Jersey.)

(24 years ago.)

I'm also going to receive a new set of golf clubs tomorrow...an early birthday gift from my JB....and then on Saturday I'll get the chance to try them out when we head over to LaPorte for a day with our friends Mike and Cheryl.

(Don't worry, Dearies. I will have strict adult supervision and will be sent straight to the driving of the cart if my energy wanes the least little bit.)

But first, there is sleeping to be done and dialysis to be endured. I was slightly less unwell yesterday evening, so pulling less fluid is definitely a goal.

I hope your April is off to a good start and that the weekend ahead will be perfectly lovely for you. If you celebrate such, Happy Easter!


  1. Oh dear, it has some seriously bad reviews. Maybe you should try “ Q's Legacy: A Delightful Account of a Lifelong Love Affair with Books” by Helene herself as a palate cleanser?

    Thank you for the warning. And best wishes for your weekend shenanigans!

  2. You made a lasagna? That alone is quite a feat. That would put me out for a day or two. With me it's either clean hair or shaved legs. Never both at the same time. So right there you're doing better than me. Happy golfing and happy Easter.

  3. From UK reviews of the book, one stood out
    "Also I thought he was unnecessarily cruel right at the end." so it sounds like you made the right choice. Someone else paraphrases Dorothy Parker; "This book should not be taken lightly. It should be flung with great force." so you are not alone.

  4. I have been discovering that many many books have absolutely horrible editing. A lot of books are being self-published, which may be why. I wish [the company] would suggest to these aspiring authers(on purpose) that it is a good idea to have someone else proofread their material before submitting it. A particularly winceworthy one that shows up in most of the books of a series I'm reading is "steal sewing sheers". At least they're not sowing sheers... *sigh*
    Enjoy those new golf clubs, even if you only wind up petting them while sitting in the golf cart!

  5. Oh how disappointing - you were looking forward to reading something great and was badly let down. Printing and proof reading errors are very irritating. They jump out of the page at you!
    Great the fluid levels worked better for you - you were very busy!
    Today is the 2nd and only 12 days to go to B'day! My in-laws have already enabled me to purchase some super quilting rulers to play with! Have fun with your early pressie on Saturday! :D

  6. Have fun breaking your new clubs in!

  7. God Bless you Coni Jo.... You are right, your Uncle Connie is a very handsome man!!! I pray for you every night and pray you get your kidney soon. Your tribute to Uncle Connie was so touching. Love you and I'm praying! MaryannMullen

  8. Coni, I think that you are a wonderful writer! I LOL sometimes, and I think you should be a writer! Who is Betty? ( I find your commentary hilarious, but am a little confused...)