Mar 13, 2021


Ugh again today, Dearies. 

But I am armed with my damn good and my favorite little things in the world...the cranberry orange Bisconies from the Costco, which are a very rare treat since they are pricey in the calorie department.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Hoosierville, and the new placement of the Happy Chair allows me to get tons of light from both the back slider and the front bedroom windows. In a few minutes, I will open both a bit to catch some of the breeze.

I do have a few minor things to do before settling in with stitching for the day, but doing them shouldn't be too taxing on my delicate disposition (she says, rolling her eyes).

Lots of research last night into my recent "decline". It really bothers me that I seem to be wiped out more and more after the d-chair, and what I can determine so far is that it is definitely related to my Lady Change. (Sorry, gents, but this here portly spinster is of that age where things like plummeting estrogen and sprouting chin hairs are going to be discussed.)

So that's all of my TMI for the day. I'll be here all day if you feel like popping in for a chat!


  1. Every day I think of you and hope for a transplant very soon. I have no idea what dialysis patients endure, but your openness and positive spirit are inspiring.

  2. I love your coffee cup! What a lovely way to thoroughly enjoy your Damn Good in the morning! I drink mine from a Yeti with a Yeti lid --- not very pretty but it keeps it hot for me and that makes me happy. I, too, hope that a transplant comes through soon --- you lift my spirits when life seems to come crashing down on my old lady head. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Enjoy the breeze. Still a little cool here to be opening windows but I am hopeful that soon I will be able to :)

  4. Enjoy your damn good and munchies...hope you feel better soon. PS I never developed chin hairs w menopause, but I did gain weight. In retrospect I think it would be easier getting rid of chin hairs than pounds....😊 JMHO...luv, m

    1. I did both!! I think the chin hairs accounted for at least half of the pounds gained!! 🙄

  5. My sister used to say that they called this "certain age" The Golden Years because it takes so darn much gold to get us through them. The chin hairs are awful. I think I've worn out two pairs of tweezers thinning out the herd.

  6. Ugh indeed! Those nights of throwing covers off and pulling back on are thankfully behind me. As for chin - mine seem quite downy. Now the nose is somewhat different. While I plait my hair I will not do the same for that region. I'd look like some weird Viking invader!
    Have a lovely breezy warm day.

  7. Hang in there. Hopefully soon the d-chair will just be a memory. But until then it's a necessary evil. As for the chin hairs, well let's just say thank God for the invention of the tweezers.

  8. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your beautiful stitching!Praying for you and sending love and hugs.

  9. I, too, love those cranberry orange scones from Costco. Now about those chin hairs, ugh, me, too. Why did I have to trade nice eyebrows and eyelashes for chin hairs?