Mar 6, 2021


The Cricket Collection Spring kit is en route, so not pictured here, but this is my quick start on a Spring Basket. I might move Grasshopper Pie to Summer, but for now I am OK to proceed today with what's here.

In the Mill Hill department, there are several others on deck, but I'm only going to keep one or two in my BitsyBiggie for trips back and forth to the d-chair.

I would imagine that Eliana, Cricket's Spring, and the Ehrman canvas will be more than enough to keep me busy for a bit, so there will be plenty of time to go back through stash and pull some more.

Never fear about Eliana's thread board...

It remains nicely intact in its project bag. If I told you how completely happy this makes me, would you believe me? I know it's obsessive, but when everything in your life seems to be beyond your control it's nice to have something you can get your arms around.

Happy Saturday, Dearies! The sun is shining and the birds are sweetly tweeting! After a Grotto walk, I'm going to plant myself in the Happy Chair and enjoy it. I hope you do, too!


  1. That canvas is SO gorgeous!! I love flowers. I saw a most elegant set of needlepoints that were done in ribbons and I'm contemplating whether I need it. Well - I never NEED anything. And my wall space is full... But but but...

  2. I have two projects ready to go. I'm doing another Star Wars sampler for my family (they really liked the one I did for my nephew's wedding) and a Cheshire Cat one (we're all mad here!). I also have Jelly Bean Jubilee on the way and I'm going to dye some aida for that. Today I'm hoping to do some quilting but I've really been feeling more stitchy lately.

  3. Great assortment for your spring basket of Stitching bliss, Coni!

  4. Ahhhh that pink daisy - welcome back! I like the project bag - everything so clear and ready to go.

  5. Lots of pretty stitching! Can't wait for you to get into them :)