Mar 1, 2021


I really wish I would get better about taking progress photos of my stitching, but alas, I keep forgetting to do so. I did stitch a bit this morning on Winter and completed almost all of the E. Here is a pic from when I moved the q-snaps a few days ago:

If all goes according to plan, I hope that this week will be all about finishing up playing with the Winter basket and moving on to Spring.

A lovely weekend here, and it looks like our week ahead will be equally as nice. This means walks int the sunshine with my JB hopefully, and some time for him to enjoy the balcony with his cigars and radio.

At the moment there are two fat little squirrels playing tag on the tree outside the d-chair window, and the ducks and geese are hanging out in the pond. I guess I shouldn't complain about missing the wildlife view from Chez Spinster anymore.

It's time for me to try to stitch a little before getting too sleepy. I'm determined to get those Winter Mill Hills finished!

Happy happy joy joy to one and all! I hope your needles are flying and your skirts are a' twirling! Come tell me all about it!


  1. I adore your Winter stitch! What a great way to finish out your winter stitching with 3 finishes!


  2. Sounds like good times in various aspects of your life... really enjoy the give and take of your relationship with JB.
    Lovely way to close out the winter stitching...

  3. Winter is looking fabulous, Coni. Have a good rest of the day! Happy March!

  4. Now I have the Fonz song earworm! Happy everything is wonderful. I love the Winter project - it is very sweet. Hope you had a good evening too.