Mar 5, 2021


Such a wonderful surprise at the d-chair today! Nurse Sean has returned to us!

(Normal people would have said hello, asked for his family, and remarked how delighted they are to see him. Me, though? I blurted my weight out and told him eighteen times that as of Wednesday, I am a full FOUR KILOS...that's 8.8 pounds....below transplant goal weight.)

(Sean was witness to the great Menopause Gain of 2020 and did everything he could to remind and motivate me to lose weight and get under goal.)

So that's how my day started.

Miss Dana got me all hooked up without issue, and Buzzy and I are doing our thing, but contemplating a nap already. I seem to have plummeted to the bottom of the coaster today, Dearies, and every ounce of energy I had yesterday has disappeared.

(Good thing I got so much means I can rest this weekend!)

After my big finish yesterday I picked up my Grasshopper Pie wip:

I have either misplaced the beads for this, or never ordered them in the first place. I'm exactly half way through the stitching portion, so have a fair way to go before I need them, but I might get them ordered so that they're ready to go.

This will probably be a Summer Basket project. My stash is not heavy on Summer things, so I might take the opportunity to play with some wips during June, July, and August.

Tomorrow I am definitely assembling my Spring Basket. With temperatures in the fifties and sixties and beautiful's time to celebrate all things Spring.

We will take our Grotto walk tomorrow, and it will be sandwiches for dinner, and on Sunday I am making rigatoni bolognese, garlic bread, and pork cutlet for JB. Tonight....salmon and pasta fagioli.

That's the Friday report from Hoosierville, Dearies! It's been a wonderful week of stitchy fun, and I'm hoping to carry it right on through to the weekend. How about you?




  1. Glad to hear the weather has improved and see all your stitching progress. Hope you continue to feel better after rests. It's very cold and windy though sunny here in VA today. But yesterday I was outdoors with grandbaby for 2 hours. Such fun.

  2. Kudos to you on your weight! I'm trying to lose 20 pounds for the umpteenth time, and I know it's not easy. You'll be so ready for that new kidney when it comes. I enjoy your stitchy posts. I'm a knitter, but it's fun to see other needlework. Happy weekend!

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! Hope you are proud of your accomplishments.

  4. I am sure he was just as glad to hear how well you are doing! Looking forward to seeing your progress on Grasshopper Pie!

  5. Thumbs up on weight loss! Whoo hoo!


  6. Great menu for the weekend, Coni.

  7. Fantastic re the weight! You are rocking it now! Oooh those pretty mandalas. Have a super weekend. Drove to the farmers market today - and in a field we saw some Devon and Cornwall longwool sheep. On the back we stopped to take a photo and they all came running up to the gate to greet us - with their teddy bear babies. Love at first sight for me! LOL!

  8. It is always nice to see the return of a familiar face like you saw in Nurse Sean. Well done on the weight loss!