Feb 24, 2021


 Hi, Dearies!

Buzzy and I are back at dialysis doing our thing. Despite missing Monday's treatment, my fluid gain wasn't too bad, so hopefully today will go smoothly and I will be right as rain before you know it.

Feeling much better...almost back to 100%. I'd say that I am about 80% there and expect to be back to as normal as I can be by tomorrow. 

I made great progress on Winter, despite mis-reading the chart. I copied it to make a working copy, but a few stitches were lost in the fold. Fortunately, I caught the mistake and was able to fix it without too much drama.

Many of you asked about the colors of the N and the T. The N is the called for DMC 930, and the T is a Colour & Cotton color whose name escapes me at the moment.

I'm not at all good and/or comfortable doing thread conversions. Aunt Chrissy (my sister) used to do them for me. This time, though, I took my time and sat down with the chart and my box of Colour & Cotton and my DMC color card and tried to do the best I could. Some colors were harder than others, and I promised myself that I would swap out for the called for DMC if I was too off.

No big plans for the rest of the week. i just want to get back into the daily groove and get laundry and bills done tomorrow and then try to get out into the fresh air and sunshine in the afternoons for a nice walk.

How about you?


  1. My house keeping service should be fired, but can't be because that would be me, so I'll be having a stern talk about poor service while cleaning the house. And I need to take a few hours this week to turn in a QOV top for quilting and run some errands to get some things not available in my small town stores. Sigh, I really should get in the on-line shopping habit, but am afraid it would be way too easy to spend way too much money on way too much stuff. Otherwise, I'll be looking for frames for Statue of Liberty and Halloween sampler projects I recently finished, and maybe organizing the blanket closet.

    I'm glad you're nearly back to normal after the vaccine and back to normal routine!

  2. I'm so glad that you are feeling better now. I hope that dialysis went okay and that you got a fair amount of stitching done. Take care of yourself --- just don't push yourself to do too much and get all exhausted.

  3. LOL @ JustGail's comment!
    Yayyy happy on the mend day! I do love that little dangling hat. Cute.
    Here we have the promise of good weather, so as the birds were sorted the other day, it will be out in the veg patch. Nice to get cracking after all this time. The lambs in the lower field are getting big and about an hour before bedtime they go on mini stampedes until their mums call them back. Funny little things.
    Anyhoo keep staying well and hope Mr JB has recovered from his ordeal too.

  4. Glad you are feeling better and that you and Buzzy were able to do your thing yesterday! Your stitch is looking good. Have a few errands to run today along with a couple chores.

  5. So glad you are unwinding and getting back to your routine...
    getting those chores behind us is such a relief and lifts the
    spirits for stitching time ahead. Praying you through the final
    20% recovery and whatever % JB might need.

  6. I think you did marvelous with your conversion! It looks great! And glad to hear you are feeling almost back to normal. Hope treatment went good :)

  7. Your project looks good. Don't stress the color conversions too much. If it looks good with the rest of the project, it will be wonderful and there will no No One who can tell the difference once completed. Glad you are feeling better.