Oct 16, 2020


Post-testing recovery in the Happy Chair. A new coat of polish on the meathooks, You've Got Mail on the TeeVee, and Pretty Pumpkins to keep me occupied:

Pretty good progress, if I do say so myself:


As soon as I blow this popsicle stand and get my treat from the Starbucks, I'm going to resume the position and stay there for the weekend!

What's on your agendas, Dearies? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Would it be wrong . . . ?

    Depends on what you wear under it (eek!);
    whether you're okay with neighbours seeing you on the way to the car (gossip);
    and what you would say if a cop stops you (emergency Starbucks run)!


  2. If I could find a Woodstock robe or 'granny"gown I would evrn wear it to my neighborhood grocery store. Auntie Mame said something about life is a banquet and many poor people are going hungry. Do what makes you smile.

  3. Your Snoopy robe is warm, snuggly and it makes you feel happy. I think that makes it perfect for your time in the D-chair, as long as it doesn't get in the way of Buzzy.

  4. I'd call it a long jacket if anyone gave you funny looks. Besides, when you are in hospital for a spell, they say take a dressing gown with you - especially for those peek-a-boo nighties! Definitely not wrong at all. And progress - what a lot! xxx

  5. Pretty pumpkins is looking good, Coni. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. That reminds me of when mt daughter called me at silly am. one hot summer night to say she'd had an asthma attack in the club she was visiting with friends. I put shoes on, grabbed the car keys and left to go get her wearing my pj vest and shorts thinking the neighbours would all be asleep and I only needed to stop for her to get in and head for home. This plan worked brilliantly until I had to stop at a red light and a fire engine pulled up alongside me. The firemen were a friendly bunch and laughed and waved as they looked down into the car!

  7. When I was a child, at least once each summer, my parents would get my brother and me out of bed (still in pjs) and drive to Dairy Queen for ice cream. This was before drive-through, so Dad would take our orders to the cashier and bring our treats back to the car.

    My best friend didn't believe me, until she was on a sleepover and my parents took her along.

  8. Gorgeous progress! Love the new nails!

  9. I love the nail color -- so perfect and elegant for autumn! Pretty Pumpkins is lovely! Ido so love your progress pictures. They always make we want to start what you are working on. :)