Oct 8, 2020


Here we go, Dearies...Pretty Pumpkins getting ready to jump into the Happy Chair for a Thursday play date with Yours Truly!

I've had a lovely morning...lots of damn good and the paper, a few little paperwork chores, hauling the sewing machine out of the furnace/storage room/closet, edging the fabric, and gathering all of my supplies.

(As you know, I have a "kit" that I put together for my working project. Here are the contents: chart, fabric, threads, q-snaps, scissors, needles, project bag, grime guard, accessory pouch, needle minders, chip clip (to hold the chart on the q-snaps), highlighter, and thread palette.)

So now I'm going to get my afternoon iced tea, throw the blanket on my legs, enjoy the cool breeze coming in the window, and get stitching!

Happy Thursday!

Marybeth asked how I attach the pattern to my frame/q-snap. I'm sorry this was confusing...I make a working copy of the chart and attach it to my project with a chip clip or my needle minder/magnets to keep it right in front of my face:



  1. Love the new project. Looks like it will be fun to work. Your plan for today is great. Enjoy the weather.

  2. Enjoy Connie! I think part of the fun of starting a new project is gathering all the supplies together in anticipation. Do you leave your project on the Q-snaps when you put it away for awhile?

    1. Nope...I usually take the fabric off of the q-snaps for long term storage. I do, however, keep my working project in tact...and that can be several weeks!

  3. How do you attach the pattern? to what? I haven't done any needlework for so many years I don't remember or never learned any of the tips used now. Help!!

  4. WOOT! Looking forward to the feenee! xxx

  5. Looking forward to your progress on Pretty Pumpkins, Coni!

  6. This is a beautiful chart. Had in my stash but passed to a good friend as I probably won't stitch it any time soon and I thought it needed a good home. I will enjoy watching your progress.

  7. Awesome start! This looks like such a fun stitch :)