Oct 20, 2020



NOTE: Sorry for the mess of typos below, but I was typing this on the itty bitty teeny weeny little keyboard on my phone...

Hi, Dearies.

Well, I'm at good old St Joe this morning repeating the cardiac scan.

Damn, drat, and phooey.

I don't think there's anything wrong, per se. I think they just want another picture of my big fat heart to make sure it's still tick-tocking away. Steve has alreadt given me the dose of goofy juice...now I just need to sit here for 30 minutes while it makes its way through my system.

Wonder if I'll glow in the dark tonight?

No stitching last night. I came home from treatment and crashed pretty hard in the Happy Chair. I think there might have been dinner in there somewhere, but I don't remember.

My plan for the remainder of the day is quite simple actually...laundry, clean up the dining room table, and stitch.

And maybe another dinner in there.

Magoo has a cold, I think, so no birthday shenanagins this year. The pics of him were from last year's golfing/movie/Bruce Springsteen shenanagins. This year was a bit of a bust. Saturday I hope to make up for it by making him Ina's homemade sticky buns.

I am firmly back on the diet wagon since my visit down to Indianapolis for a meeting with Dr Goggins has been postponed until Nov 24. I need to lose 35.2 pounds before then.


End of story.

Put the bowl of honey mustard snack mix down.

I'm so dang tired of fiddle-futzing around with this, Dearies! It seems like I was doing great and losing losing losing and the KABAM! Twenty pounds came back in the blink of an eye and no mattet what I do I am stuck.

I know that everybody and their brother is blaming the virus and stress and menopause, etc...but if I'm really honest with myself I know it's because I have been shoving crap imto my face with impunity and not. paying. attention.

Well, enough of that.

Back to Operation Go. (What is this? The seventh or eighth re-start?) I came off thr scale yesterday at 116kg. The goal is to be less than that coming off tomorrow and every treatment thereafter.

OK..that concludes this episode of Crackpot Spinster Weight Loss Theater. 

Happy Tuesday to one and all! Do something fun (or eat something decadent) and come tell me all about it!


  1. Weight management -- an ongoing (never-ending) saga. Hope the cardiac scan goes well.

  2. Coni, when you solve the yoyo weight loss/gain thing, please let me know. LOL!! Not to mention that you'll become a kazillionaire! Best of luck with the cardiac scan.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself - I'm not sure you can lose all that safely in a month. Start with 5 pounds at a time. Good luck

  4. Rooting for you dear Spinster! Be off and begone nwanted pounds!☺🤗😁!

  5. Fighting the weight battle too. My late husband had the same birthday as your guy. It is a great birth date. Kind, loving, thoughtful, trustworthy and smart. We were married for 40 years, together for 42 before he died from cancer. I was just 18 when we started dating. Love your blog, have read for years and years. You got this!

  6. I lost 15 pounds before the COVID shut-in to bring my A1C numbers back down to non (or pre) diabetes. Thus far, I've kept it off, but have given up on keto and no-sugar recipes . . . this, after buying hundreds of dollars of the special ingredients required to convert (ruin) my traditional recipes (almond flour, coconut flour, avocado oil, etc., etc.). Back to making better choices from fruits and veges and lean meats. There's no "magic," but that's what works for me. Love and prayers, my friend.

  7. Oh dear, another test - at least they know your heart still ticks! As for plans - I gave up. Something always scuppers them. Weight loss bah humbug. Cookies for the guys working on the barn - leftovers consumed (especially the choccy ones) by me, although I have noticed HRH emptied a packet of crunchy creams.
    At the moment we are in the clouds with torrential rain. Pffft. Hope your day goes much better than yesterday. Hope Mr JB is better soon too! xxx

  8. Hope the heart test went smoothly, Coni! Thinking of you and you can do it on the weight loss, Coni! Here cheering you on each day.

  9. You remind me of that proverb about strength-

    Fall down nine times, get up ten.

    I know you can do it again

  10. The number of re-starts doesn't matter just as long as you keep trying. You got this!