Sep 1, 2020


Chello, Dearies!

I've just come from the dermatologist (what is it with me and the appointments lately?!) and I am finishing my second cup of damn good and contemplating a pool day. It's one of those cloudy days where you start stuffing yourself into your swimming suit and then it looks like it's going to pour down rain at any moment, so maybe my exercise today will be the stuffing and unstuffing of my jiggly bits into spandex.

Did you know that swimming costumes for old beefy gals like me now come with bike shorts?! I got my very first pair of actual swimming shorts this year, and I am hooked. Not only do they properly cover my thighs...they hold my tummy in quite nicely and then I am able to hide it under my swim dress better!

(Yes, if I could, I would wear a full length, long-sleeved, turtleneck suit if they made such a thing. Nobody needs to see what's going on over here...I can promise you that.)

Jersey Boy Magoo is at the golfing, and then it will be time for dinner. Tonight I am making him a chicken cutlet sandwich with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe on Atlantic City Italian bread a la Tony Lukes. He loves them and they are so easy to make: Boil and blanch the broccoli rabe in salted water, pat dry, then sautee with lots of garlic in a little olive oil. Set aside. Pound boneless/skinless chicken breasts thin, dredge in flour, egg wash, and seasoned bread crumbs, and sautee in olive oil until gooden brown. Serve on a sub roll with the chicken, broccoli rabe, and shaved sharp provolove. (I like roasted red marinated peppers on mine).

As for me, I am contemplating a chopped salad. I might reserve a chicken breast and grill it for some protein, but methinks I will avoid the sandwich and behave myself.

I've not done well in that department, I'm afraid, but JB's trip will help me focus. I know it's not right to use him as an excuse, but the 1950's housewife in me feels awful if I'm not stuffing him full of good things to eat, and God forbid I don't have a table full of snacks for him at the ready.

(Amazing, though, how the snacks seem to disappear despite him never having any!)

Completely stupid, I know, since he neither expects nor needs any of that. So...the next two weeks will be all about me shifting the focus to both of our health and getting the food around here cleaned up and ship shape.

As I type this it has started to rain, so looks like it will be a stitchy day after all. I didn't stitch at all last night, so this will be a good day to lose a few hours in all of those glorious colors!

Happy September! Can you believe it's here? For a year filled with chaos, it sure is flying by!


  1. You’re thinking of a burkini, Coni. I’ve considered getting one myself. ;)

  2. You startled me when I saw Thursday. I was panicked for a moment as i have so much to do this week and plan to take Friday off for a glorious 4 day weekend. WHew! Ince I got my wits about me... I calmed down. Have a good stitchy Tuesday!
    Ruth in Oxnard CA

  3. Connie, I know we all want the weekend to get here faster....but it's only Tuesday!

  4. This year has raced by - probably helped with forgetting what day was what for lockdown. I think JB's dinner sounded deeeeelish! For the past 2 weeks we have been falling by the wayside with the treats I bought for number one son. Of course I gave the remaining items to him to take home - didn't stop me mooching round all the cupboards to try and find something to chomp. Nope! Oh well all temptations removed. It is so hard to get back to behaving! August was mostly a washout here, so indoors doesn't get to work on the flabby bits - unless running up and down the stairs. Did I say run? Hahahaha - in my dreams! I like the idea of shorts under the swimsuit. Alas no pool close to here.
    Have a wonderful day and hope all goes well. xxx

  5. Your evening meal sounded like it was going to be yummy! Grilled chicken on a salad is always a good thing in my book!

  6. It sure is flying by! And aren't swim suit shorts the best thing ever!

  7. I just ruined my laptop, droing over your chicken sandwich recipe. This week I am NOT cooking, we're at the NC coast, celebrating our 50th. Last night I had a Seafood Coquina, they called it, with huge scallops, big shrimp, crabmeat, in Asiago sauce, covered by seasoned crumbs. Not a wise calorie indulgence, but hey, once in 50 years is okay. That was preceded by a "Dark Chocolate Martini," which was so good I ordered 3 to go, haha. Back at the house, we walked to the beach, watched the full moon maneuver around some clouds. Gor-juss.

  8. When I want a sandwich, but not all the carbs, I'll take the ingredients & roll them up in greenery. You could do that (you have the perfect fixings) & have a similar sandwich as your JB. Or you could both have it, because it sounds amazing