Jun 25, 2020


It's not quite 7am and my Jersey Boy is on his way home to see his mom.  I packed him a cooler big enough to feed a small family of bears, wished him Bon Voyage, and sent him on his way.

There is a big long list of "projects" that I hope to complete while he is away, but if I'm honest, I am really looking forward to indulging in all of the secret spinster behavior that has been absent of late.

(Nothing too juicy, I'm afraid. It involves tweezers and nail polish and callus remover and a lot of talking out loud to myself...pretending to be Ina....or Martha....as I putter about the apartment doing this or that.)

I did promise myself, however, that there will also be lots of time set aside for stitching. My lack of time spent with needle and thread is really bothering me, but I suspect that the solution is rather simple: get my eyes checked so I can stitch AND see the TeeVee at the same time. My up-close prescription has apparently changed quite a bit, since I find myself doing anything near like reading or stitching with my naked eyeballs. This isn't a problem, but it means I can't see anything beyond eight inches in front of my face, and let's face it, Kevin Costner in a cowboy hat must be given full eyeball attention.

Yup. We fell down the Yellowstone rabbit hole, and I am obsessed. It took me a minute, but I finally figured out why I love it so...it's basically The Sopranos.

With cows.

If you don't like violence...you might want to skip this one, Dearies. Life on the largest cattle ranch in the country is not for the faint of heart.

But then again, there's Kevin Costner.

In a cowboy hat.

With cows.

My day has started. The agenda includes laundry, food prep, and planning. I need to break out my date book again and get stickering! There's not been much to record, but it seems a huge waste of crafty time not to sit and scribble in it and make it pretty.

Hoity Toity and I are going to have a looooong play date today as soon as everything is done. There was a tiny bit of progress, but nothing to blow your skirt up:

Happy Thursday, Dearies! I hope your corner of the world is wonderfully swell today and that you get to do whatever your heart desires. Never fear on this front...I've got my damn good for sustenance, Wint-o-green LifeSavers for the nausea (thank you nanapops!), and Stewey supervising it all.  Cheers!


  1. I used to have the same vision as you do, sadly age has even taken away my great close up vision since each eye now has a different focal point. Even bifocals don't give me satisfactory stitching closeup vision (reading is fine), so I've been doing cheap readers over my glasses. It works pretty good - I can see the stitching AND look over the top to see the TV. Though I don't usually have anything on TV that needs close watching like Kevin Costner in a cowboy hat.

    1. JustGail, I thought it was just my weirdo eyes, but I have the same issue. I really dislike that I now need my glasses for everything. I'm still ok to Stitch with mostly my bifocals, but my magnifier is getting more use than I care to admit sometimes!

  2. Sounds like you have lots of fun to keep you occupied while JB is away. Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Go Coni! It sounds like you have a good plan for today. Sorry that you are still being troubled with the nausea, but those lifesavers do help! Have a good day!

  4. Yellowstone -- I know! When you mentioned it last week, I thought you were watching reruns or Netflix. Then we watched the new season opener last night. Yup, Kevin Costner. In a stetson. With horses!

    If the Wintogreen lifesavers aren't enough, try vitamin B6. Reduced nausea when I had to be on progesterone. It's water soluble, so doesn't accumulate like some other vitamins. But is also a diuretic, so you need to plan when to take it. If you know what I mean.

  5. It's so wonderful to hear you being happy and having a good plan for your day! Take care and enjoy!

  6. May I suggest another anti-nausea remedy? Ginger drops. Not the chews (which should work, but I can't get past the weird-to-me mouthfeel) but the hard drops. I believe they can be ordered from Amazon &/or Target if you can't find them locally. Ginger People is the brand I like best.

    I'm glad your spirits are up! Hopefully you'll get to enjoy your time to yourself.

  7. You always, always make me laugh!

  8. Awww - the girl is on a roll! My husband works from home - should have been retired but back full time - here and it drives me crazy because I need alone time. Lockdown is worse as he isn't visiting his parents.
    But hey ho, Kevin Costner in a cowboy hat. Hmmm nice! Eye candy is good for you. Enjoy your pottering time, be it cleaning or sewing. Take care xx

  9. Oh I just know you are going to have so much fun, just relaxing and taking care of you. Please enjoy every moment!