Jun 26, 2020


I'm up and getting ready for the d-chair, Dearies! When my peepers sprung open this morning, I was flooded with a feeling of Friday happiness. Two whole days coming up to do nothing but stitch!

Yesterday was a lot more productive than I would have thought, but I zonked out pretty hard on the couch at 6pm and stumbled into the big girl sleigh bed shortly after 10. My stamina level is just so very low that any activity seems to wear me right out.

But! All of the laundry is done, folded, and put away and I tidied up pretty well in anticipation of the Cottage Care team arriving today to scrub. Having them come in is an indulgence, I know, but keeping things clean and sanitized around here is more important than ever, and I need to stop feeling guilty for being a kidney patient and just move on.

Amazon brought a happy surprise...Siggy jars!

When I was a kid, my mom (named Sig) always had big glass jars of snacks on the kitchen counter. I think they were filled with Stella Doro breakfast treats (the s-shaped ones) and Snyder's hard pretzels, but I'm sure there was other stuff too. Anywhoose...I filled ours with some of the stuff from the Costco that has been sitting on the dining room table.

Surprisingly, I have been very good about staying out of them. I don't think an occasional biscotti will kill me, and the rest of it doesn't really tempt me too much. Besides...this just looks like love to me!

In between laundry loads and re-watching Yellowstone episodes, I did put a few stitches into
Hoity Toity yesterday. I'm going to complete the background of that band going across and then switch to something else, I think. No idea what yet, but that's what tomorrow's romp through the cube room studio is for!

Happy, happy Friday, Dearies! I really hope you are all safe and well and peaceful and happy. Do something fun and come tell me all about it! I'm unplugging for the weekend so I'll see you Monday!


  1. I love Yellowstone too! Love that Rip....lol...

  2. What a nice way to remember your mother. Enjoy your days off!!
    I can identify with your lack of stamina. My Dr. said it best: Be kind to your self! See you Monday.

  3. Once upon a time, I used jars like this to store/display dog treats. Unfortunately, the dog(s) knew my routine, and as soon as I got on the phone, they would bark until I gave them a treat (from the jars). And, I wondered why they got so fat.............Now, exactly WHO was trained?

  4. Ahh.. Breakfast treats.. M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S .. could not find them in local markets, but was able to order through Walmart.
    Akin to Biscotti in the Mother's love department. Your Hoity
    is stunning.. Enjoy the leisure of your weekend indulgence.

  5. How lovely. Also HT! Rain again, indoor chores done yesterday in spite of me saying I'd sew. I did for about 20 minutes! Visited the dentist - a child! Well, he's 28. I feel old! Incredibly wet and windy so I'm playing today.
    May your d chair session be as smooth as your coffee. Have a jolly good weekend. xxx

  6. Your Siggy jars make me smile, Coni. And thanks for the memory of the Stella Dora mention. Happy memories that brought forth! Happy weekend!

  7. I love your Siggy jars! Hoity Toity is as gorgeous as ever! And enjoy your weekend!