Jun 4, 2020


Scenes from a very quiet and happy Thursday that fixed whatever ailed me:

 This was lunch. A chicken and Swiss cheese wrap and white cheddar Lay's Poppables.

(All from Costco. I discovered InstaCart and am now completely obsessed).

(We had Costco meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight, but ate it before I thought to take a photo).

(It was delicious!)

And I finished another two sections of Baked Alaska:

I'm sad to report that the nausea and fever returned this afternoon, so I have an appointment with my family doc after dialysis tomorrow and am getting tested for the covid virus on Monday.


Time for bed, Dearies.  Night night and sweet dreams!


  1. Sending prayers dear Coni..Luv, m

  2. Fingers crossed there will be a solution - doesn't sound like covid as your taste buds seem to be working so well! LOL! And so pleased you turned away from the news to have a happy day.
    Here the other female duck has gone broody - the one that had the huge failed clutch. She is a determined little character! Meanwhile Duke sits on their perch looking out for foxes. I saw one yesterday morning and said "I see you!" at which point she saw me and ran away. "That's right, off you go and leave my birdies alone!"
    I also fell over in the chicken run and bent my left fingers backwards. Rather irritating as the instructions say rest and that is something I can't do at the moment! So anti-inflammatories it is. Blooming cold spell so I won't need ice!

    And to round things off - Baked Alaska is looking faberoonie! Whoohoo!

  3. When I first saw the lunch picture, I thought you had rolls-ups and dry cereal!

    I do hope that you feel better SOON!

    Baked Alaska looks beautiful!

  4. Maybe thats why you were off kilter the day before. You were getting sick. Hope they find out what it is and praying against Covid diagnosis. Take care Coni.

  5. Your lunch looked very tasty. Baked Alaska is looking gorgeous, Coni. I am sorry that the nausea and fever have returned. Thinking of you!

  6. Praying for a negative covid result! Get well soon! xo