Jun 12, 2020


Remember when my dear dad told me to read that damn book because he thought it might help me accept and embrace change? And remember how one of my prayers each night is to ask for the ability to just be present and go with the flow?


I'm back at my normal dialysis clinic today, Dearies.

As I was finishing treatment yesterday downtown, they got word that all three of my covid tests had come back negative....thank goodness!

We still don't know what is causing the nausea and fever, but my family doc is on the case, and if anybody can solve it, she can. I have trusted her with my life and health for over 20 years now, and I am super grateful for her excellent care.

Zofran is my ally, as is ginger ale and peppermint tea. I would love to tell you that I have only been able to eat broth and soda crackers, but...um....let's just say my appetite is perfectly fine and leave it at that.

Baked Alaska and I are getting along much much better now that the frog has hopped back on his lily pad.

The curved blue section on the lower left was off by one stitch in the bottom row and it threw the entire thing off. So out it came and I will re-stitch it tonight. My plan is to complete this section, thus making the piece halfway finished, and then I think I will rotate to something else.

On a quick housekeeping note...does anybody know how I can add a thingy to this here blog so that you can subscribe to it and get updates? I've had this request, but can't figure out how to do it. 

Happy, happy, happy Friday!!  We're heading into the weekend like a herd of turtles! I hope you can do something that makes your heart sing and your skirt blow up. Come tell me all about it!


  1. I THINK that if one goes to Google and puts in the terms 'Coni' and
    'Blog' something will come up and lead you to the right spot. It has been a while so it may have changed.
    Hope this still works.

  2. So glad you got negative test results!

    If you want to add an email subscription widget/option to your blog, this tutorial might be helpful: https://medium.com/@KellySchuknecht/how-to-add-an-email-subscription-function-to-blogger-blogspot-9fb6cd91faf5

  3. Such good news on the test results. Hopefully, the nausea and
    fever can be resolved. Perhaps the "normal" clinic routine will also fall into place on a good note...praying so, Coni.
    Let it slip behind you come dusk and sit back for a good weekend of relaxation and stitching. Baked Alaska is worth
    the restitching….so lovely.

  4. Glad to hear you were negative. BTW, I use feedly and already have a subscription to your page.

  5. IN some ways I hope you don't do a subscription. Most of those that require that I can't read anymore. And I have no intention to pay for a blog. Why anyone would is beyond me.

  6. So Very Happy to hear the negative results!!! Enjoy the weekend - hope it involves stitching, enjoying the outside room with JB!

  7. Great news about the negative test results! I hope your Dr can quickly determine the cause of your symptoms and take care of it. Baked Alaska is looking good, I love those colors. Hope your weekend is wonderfully relaxing.

  8. Congratulations on being C neg! Probably why you are back to normal times and d-chair. At least the stress of the is it or isn't it, has now been removed. Hope the doc finds the trouble-maker, in the meantime you will just have to be a bit of a guinea pig with an assortment of tests. Squeak!
    Years ago your blog came up with the daily notifications from Bloglovin' as the send you the subscribed channels and throw a few in that you might like underneath. That is how I joined your channel - I just clicked the subscribe via Blogger. If you tap on the name rather than the "read more" it takes you to a header site and has a blue box with "+ Follow" at the top. I just clicked on that and voila - you turn up in my email notifications via Bloglovin' Daily Digest at the top with my other subscriptions! Ta daaaaaa! Hope that helps.

  9. So glad to hear your test came back negative! And I hope whatever else it is that is bothering you takes a hike. Baked Alaska is beautiful! I can't believe you are almost half way through with it!

  10. Glad your tests came back negative, Coni! Baked Alaska is looking fabulous!