Jun 17, 2020


Treatment was rough, but I made it home and into the Happy Chair with a cold brew damn good, Game of Thrones, and Hoity Toity:

And happy happy mail! I bought a case of the large wide mouth mason jars to drink from, but the condensation and resulting  puddles were driving me nuts. Look what I found on the amazons:

This is just sippy cup perfection! Today the cold brew is homemade. Dunkin cold brew, a splash of creamer, and a tiny little bit of sugar free vanilla syrup. Not exactly as perfect as a Starbucks, but almost!

Red Robin for dinner tonight. Magoo is having a big fat juicy cheeseburger and I am having a grilled chicken Southwest salad. (heavy sigh) I have gained quarantine weight, so I need to get back on top of things...now. I came off of the scale at 113kg, so that means salads and Greek yogurt again until I get back to 110kg post-treatment. It won't take very long and definitely won't kill me. I just need to sit up in the buggy a bit and stop making silly choices.

Happy Futzingday, Dearies!


  1. You will get it done, I am sure. You will be in my thoughts.
    Very cute sippy cup.

  2. Sounds like a splendid day and hello Hoity Toity. Ahhh Game of Thrones (Jason Momoa is very nice eye candy) but my favourite is Tyrion. Only got as far as series 6 - because my son lent us his boxed set.
    You will get to that goal again - but you needed a little break to get over that little plateau.
    Here, more ducklings arrived yesterday I could see 5 fluffy bottoms and one newly hatched head, blinking at the light before diving back under mum. Hubby is on cloud 9 - every time he hears the back door (funny I thought his hearing was a bit on the blink) he thinks I'm going to the ducks so out he dashes. Greenhouse dear, greenhouse!!! So like a little boy he goes back indoors with his tail between his legs.
    More storms again still OK here as we were on the edges. Most storms go around us - which is a great relief to me as I do not like being outside when they approach!

  3. Coni, what kind of sippy cup is that? Looks lovely! Your salad sounded delicious! Looking forward to seeing your progress on Hoity Toity!

  4. You will be back to 110 in no time! Is this your first time watching Game Of Thrones?