May 22, 2020


Where I am at the moment:

And where I'd like to be:

The fever has gone completely, but I am still a bit green about the gills, I'm afraid. This, however, has not kept me from drinking vats of fluid or contemplating a ham sandwich and planning a ridiculous menu for the long weekend.

I better snap myself back into sorts, and soon, because even I am growing bored with my lounging about staring at the proverbial walls.


Hold please....the new dietician/nutritionist is here to talk at me and show me pictures of plastic food.

(Cue the soothing elevator music)

Well, most of my numbers are within acceptable levels. I need to be better about some things and stay the course with others.....pretty much the exact same report I get every month. More attention will be paid, a few pills will change here and there, and all will be right with me once again.

If all goes well, the pool at the apartment complex will open today, but for now I am just going to look from afar. The truth of the matter is that I am just nor psychologically ready to venture forth into the great unknown yet, Dearies, and I'm OK with that.  I'll get there...I know I will, but for now, me and my mask are staying inside.

So that's the report for the day. I am contemplating having a no electronics weekend, since I have been wasting entirely too mich time staring at a screen instead of something lovely. If you don't hear from me, please don't fret....I'm just putting my toes in the sand so to speak and will be back soon.

If you observe, I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and a safe and happy Memorial Day!


  1. Good idea, Coni. One day at a time. Enjoy stitching. Always something soothing and positive about needles, thread, linen/canvas.
    Happy holiday to all.

  2. Have a great Memorial Day and 'see' you when you are back on line.

    Keep on stitching!

  3. Feel better soon Coni! We're rooting for you m'dear. Luv, m

  4. I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend! Like you, I am not in any rush to rejoin the world. Years ago my daughter was in a school play where the sarcastic elf asked the goofy elf, "It's pretty in your world, isn't it?" That has been my favorite line ever since. "It's pretty in my world."

  6. I hope you have a very relaxing weekend and continue to feel better. I'm not in a rush to venture out either, everything is still too uncertain. Sounds great to have an electronics- free weekend, I definitely need to take breaks from the news. Take care.

  7. No electronics is good for some R&R. We managed to do so much when the farmer cut the phone cables and lost internet for 2 weeks (they repaired the damage but mixed up the connections!) - we do not have satellite or terrestrial tv here, which was a personal choice. But it did mean we did things together and read more and planned the future.
    Hope your tummy behaves - but sounds good going in the D-chair (which I always think of a stripey deck chair at the seaside) - may the rest of your weekend be a gentle wave lapping at your toes and that you have a good time . . . as best you can. xxx

  8. Take care and feel better. No electronics? Go for it! I hope that your weekend is grand!

  9. Coni, rest and relax this weekend and kick that queasiness to the curb! Thinking of you!

  10. Hard to believe this is a long weekend, isn't it? Something that usually picks up my spirits is starting a new project - something I fully intend to do today. Maybe two - one knitting, one cross stitch:)! Take care of yourself!