May 29, 2020


Oh my goodness, I am so very much out of sorts, Dearies!

I think it's the universe's way of smiting me for walking around smugly declaring that this quarantine thing has been no big deal for me and that I don't know why everybody is complaining about being able to stay inside with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

It's not that I actually want to go anywhere (let's face it...I never do). It's just that I am so completely out of whack with my eating and sleeping and stitching and doing. Nothing is organized or familiar, and whatever semblance of order I had imposed is right out the window.

So much for relaxed control of my life, huh?

It certainly doesn't help matters that I am battling major waves of nausea, and that nobody seems to know why or from whence it arrived. One doc thinks it's allergies, one thinks it's low blood pressure, and another thinks it's me being me and/or Crohn's related.

What I do know is that the waves are a big pain in my heiney, and I would almost rather do anything on the planet than nausea.


I confess that I have also been "shopping" like a crazy drunken sailor. I scroll and scroll and scroll and fill up shopping cart after shopping cart full of the weirdest stuff. Eyebrow pencils and exercise equipment and personal portable air conditioners and anything that pops up on Insta as the latest and greatest gadget. I've only indulged once or twice, and only if the resulting order is less than a few dollars, but it certainly makes for an interesting discovery when I open the delivered package.

Yesterday's shopping was, however, totally different. I discovered Costco delivery! Oh my gosh....I went a little crazy, but I am happy to report that we are now very well stocked with fresh vegetables and other healthy things to get us through several weeks. My task tomorrow will be to sensibly divide, prep, and store these things (sliced peppers in bags frozen, etc) as well as cook the slab of Fred Flintstone dry rub ribs that somehow made their way into the cart.

(What can I say? A spinster cannot live on salads alone.)

Thank you for all of your diet suggestions and recipes. I have to complaining about eating bad is probably a bit overstated, since I am well within transplant guidelines and all of my bloodwork is looking very good. I do, however, want to get back to actively losing a pound or two a week and get below 200 pounds by the end of the summer. That, I am positive, would make a huge difference to how I feel, since I don't think I've been under that number in my adult life.

Stitching wise...I just need to put the screens away and get in the chair and get needle and thread back  in hand and quit fooling around. I'm growing increasingly tired of pitting my head on my pillow and thinking that I should have stitched instead of scrolled Instagram for three hours.

So there you have it, Dearies. Your spinster is, as usual, a hot mess of sloth, indecision, queasiness, and frustration. If I were a two year old I would send me to bed with my blanket and a fuzzy book until it passes, but alas, there is dialysis to do and people to annoy.

I hope that you are ready and raring for a fabulous weekend! I might take my own advice and try to accomplish just one or two things to make me feel more productive, and I will definitely get in some serious stitchy time!

What's on your agenda?


  1. Dear Coni, As almost your age twin (54 in June), I know exactly what you feel like. This week has been a doozie and I am doing all the same things and all the same crazy. Except the nausea because I had that months ago and wondered what the hell (I canNOT deal with that either). I don't know if it will help you, but what helped me was to focus way more on alkaline foods way less on acidic foods. Just google it and look at the (bazillion) tables of the 6 categories. Hugs and hang in there! Robyn in MA

  2. Coni, hope the nausea subsides soon for you! I can deal with most anything, but not that. I did a Target run this morning (first time I have been since mid-February). The few people shopping were wearing masks and maintaining proper distance.

    Thanks for the chuckle about people to annoy! It almost made me spew my water.

    Hope chair time goes smoothly and you ply your needle later! Thinking of you!

  3. Dearest Coni,
    Your life sounds like so many I know these days. Do not despair as you are definitely not alone!!!!

  4. It's tough all the way around these days. I share your feelings about nausea--it's awful. Please know I'm out there on the interwebs rooting for you!

  5. Coni dear ~ Have you ever tried Brioschi? It is an Italian
    effervescent lemon flavored antacid that works wonders for
    nausea, etc. Pleasant to drink also. I hope life falls back
    into routine for you and you return to your stitching. Much satisfaction to be gained from covering a design in stitches
    and your work is admirable. Have a pleasant weekend...Hoping the weather cooperates.

  6. Ha - I have never been and Instagram scroller - but I am now. I do that instead of reading real stuff, instead of stitching. I get tired of talking to people - whether on the phone of on Zoom. I'm blaming most of that on shelter in place and some on my hip that needs replacing. Anyway - hope we all can get better soon

  7. Nausea can be stress, or pretty much a symptom for all sorts! I was taking ginger and peppermints to ease my tum - and the peppermints made it worse! Of course I now burp for England! Some people don't have that issue - just my luck as it can be quite painful during the night!
    Hope you manage to ride it all out and the docs get to the bottom of it. As for shopping - oops - step awayyyyyy!

  8. Oops! I have no gallbladder which means digesting things take a lot longer!

  9. So sorry about the nausea; it is definitely not fun. Sometimes I lie on my stomach and that seems to help some. As for boredom, I watch Flosstube which is on Youtube. It is many, many stitchers all over the world who make videos to show what they are stitching, new purchases (which is fun), and their stitching plans. I put it on and watch it while I stitch in my chair or in bed!! Some channels are better than others but I just subscribe to the ones I like best. You can comment if you watch on a laptop or iPad but not on TV. Enjoy, and I hope you feel better soon. Pam in Kansas

  10. I identify with your feelings of sloth. It hits hardest when I keep putting off laundry or dusting. As for not getting out much, I confess to enjoying that and being reluctant to get back "into things." I'm such a houseplant. The days have sped by -- today is Saturday, and it was Monday yesterday! Well, I've gotten some mending and knitting done, and have made Hubs happy by cooking decent meals. I hope the nausea noticeth it's not wanted and goeth away!

  11. The nausea might be silent acid reflux problems. I had pain under the bottom of the breast bone and slight nausea but never heartburn. I tend to have problems with it in the spring and fall when the weather is changing. I drink a dribble of aloe juice, bought at a vitamin store chain, mixed into any other beverage. It doesn't really have any flavor. Not instantaneous results but you'll feel better. Don't use too much - it can cause lower intentional distress.

    1. Cathy Huber
      Love the Freudian typo / auto-correct error "intentional distress".
      It's a thing!