Apr 3, 2020


But first...the Thursday report. I am happy to report that it was quiet, peaceful, and full of stitching:

This is a candle warmer that I got from the Amazons with a gift certificate. Thank you, Friend! This gizmo has single-handedly changed my life. I can still enjoy the scent without the soot!

A little damn good on the balcony to get the requisite dose of fresh air:

And the resulting progress on Hoity Toity:

A lovely day, indeed. Buzzy and I are off to dialysis now, armed with some anti-anxiety meds that I hope will keep the panic at bay and make the time go faster. Not being able to stitch during treatment is a bummer, but there will be plenty of time for that this weekend.

Happy Friday, Dearies! I hope you are well and safe and happy and that you'll come tell me all about it!


  1. Coni, hope you and Buzzy have a good chair day today. It sounded like your Thursday was swell!

  2. Stitching some, reading, yard work at my daughter's, walk with my mom, sewing quilt tops, and oh yeah, housework when I must, and hunting for toilet paper. Hope your treatment is okay today.

  3. Oh happy day (remember that song?). Great Thursday and Friday and weekend will be the same....just keep telling yourself that. I'm still puttering in the garden, sewing, stitching, baking, and watching old movies. I love the Nick and Nora 'Thin Man' series. Patty McDonald

  4. I'm happy that it's Friday, even though all the days are running together. Your stitching is looking good!I'm still trying to get a consistent schedule going, but I'm enjoying stitching, reading, and baking. Hope you have a smooth treatment today, and a relaxing stitchy evening.

  5. How lovely - a nice day indeed. Hoity Toity is coming along fast. Hope all goes well with Buzzy today.
    It's foggy today! I'm off to pop my rhubarb crowns in, clean the chickens (joy - not!), add some more paving slabs in the run (arms like Arnie's, back like Quasimodo) and then if I still have energy, plant some raspberry canes. I'm thinking last year was the year of the potato - this will be the year of the fruit!
    Take care xxx

  6. Hoity Toity is absolutely gorgeous! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!