Mar 25, 2020


Hi,'s me.

Today I am sitting in the good chair at d (with a view of the fountain) thinking of happy things. We're having terrible trouble with Mr Buzzy. I think he's stuffed up and needs a good roto-rooter, but alas, that is not feasible at the moment. The pain is indescribable when they stick the needles in, and I am having some pretty severe panic issues to boot, so it's time to grab to bull by the proverbial horns and get my act together.

I'm implementing everything I can think of to combat the stupid fritzing, and yesterday proved pretty successful with both old and new routines.

I decided to re-start afternoon Half-Assed Afternoon Tea Time. Remember how Stewey and I would have a little tea and a cookie together every afternoon? Well, I figured that I have this lovely little tray for my Spinster Coffee Abed, so I might as well dragoon it into action:
 I opted for a lovely caffeine-free peppermint tea with a thin slice of lemon and a little Truvia. Perfection!

We all know what's next:
There was more progress, but I forgot to take an after picture. If all goes according to plan, I just might finish the stitching on this one very soon! The challenge will come when it's time to bead her, because I cannot remember if I ordered the beads for this for the life of me.

Final little ritual is the lighting of my battery candles and a little kiss thrown Stewey's way. Betty hates this and calls is a shrine to a dead dog, but Betty can stick it.

(Besides. The shrine is in the bedroom.)

So as I'm typing this, one of my podmates has entered for treatment with a hearty "Good morning, Family!" and we all answered at once. This is a new tradition that I hope continues. We are all so very stressed and scared around these here parts that it's lovely to remember that we are all in it together.

My JB Magoo has been such a blessing. He has provisioned us to the gills with good things to eat, and despite his own fears and stress has managed to keep me laughing. The poor guy is in some serious sports-watching withdrawl, but he has managed not to grump about it too much. He is also taking a semi-daily walk, which I think is brilliant. Anything to keep some semblance of normalcy, right Dearies?

This is the portion of the program where I usually apologize for being me, but I decided not to do that anymore. Feeling guilty over showing my true colors is just ego. God knows I'm not Princess Polly Sunshine Twinkle Butt Unicorns and Roses. Time to stop acting like I am, I think.

What I really am is a hapless, human, flawed, terrified, grumpy but hopeful incredibly blessed stitching spinster who has hundreds of friends all over the world who put up with me and shower me with love and kindness. 

That's all you, Dearies. Thank you for being gentle with me. 

So today will proceed and I will finish treatment and head home for afternoon tea, and then Magoo and I will banter over our dinner and television bingeing selections. We did The Sopranos last week and finished The Godfather of Harlem last night and are looking to start something new. I usually defer to his choice, since he has good taste, but I'm kinda jonesing for Downton and we all know that is just not going to happen.

Happy Futzingday to one and all! I hope that you are safe and well, enjoying your very own routines both old and new, and that you're finding a little fun. Come tell me all about it!


  1. Half Assed Afternoon Tea Time....I like it.
    Good tradition to start now.....

    1. I'll join in, too.
      I have some Citrus Sunrise herbal tea....

      Lynn in southern NJ

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  2. Me too. Love half-assed anything right now to keep engaged and amused. Constant Comment decaf or peppermint tea are my choice. A dear friend recently offered my sister and me her entire quilting stash, so we donned our protective masks, hit the Starbucks drive-thru, loaded up the van and I now have several days of fabric sorting, folding and quilt planning ahead. And, our friend is less encumbered for her move at the age of 92. What a marvel she is.

  3. I whole-heartedly recommend binge watching Midsomer Murders--all 21 seasons. Totally worth watching from season one on. The Brokenwood Mysteries is another really good one and it's set in New Zealand so an interesting backdrop. Have fun with your afternoon teas.

    1. Love midsomer murders, great to watch while stitching away.

  4. I am Working! as we are a essential service. I am caught between being grateful that we are recession and Pandemic proof and grumpy that I can't be home and pretend I am retired. As I employ about 10 people I am glad for them they are working and are in good spirits as well (With one "drama Queen" thrown in). I have my quilt that I will work on at lunch time and am now proclaiming Friday as PJ Day! We are restricting people from coming into the office... although there were just 2 on Monday and I don't think anyone yesterday. I am grateful we are healthy and that you are working through the process. We're ALL Step by step day by day and if need be minute by minute. I bid you good cheer on this sunny Oxnard Ca. morning... which will turn to rain by afternoon.
    Ruth in Oxnard CA>

  5. Connie,
    At last, I’ve figured out why I couldn’t comment on your blog and fixed it. Just wanted to say that you are an inspiration. I admire your courage in this scary time. Be glad you are out in the Midwest. Things may stay under control a bit more out there. I’m in CT, surrounded by two big hotspots of the virus.
    Keep stitching and keep reaching out. Many of us out here rely on your “keep moving forward” attitude to encourage us. Marlene in CT.

  6. I so look forward to your blog. I cut out some and kept yours! You are intelligent and entertaining and insightful. I love your "Princess Polly..." name. Perspective and humor are soul-savers. My fun for today, AFTER the exercises for the shoulder, was to dig dandelions. No, I don't know why this is fun. Been doing it for many springs and summers. Sure, we could use weed-killer. Glad you have resources for fun, and I hope to see a completed Plum Pudding, it's lovely.

  7. Thank you, Coni, for your kind words regarding the "embroidered doggy pics" I sent! Really was great to hear from you. I believed you have inspired me to make a cup of tea! I have some yummy "Carrot Cake" flavored tea left over from the Holidays and it's DIVINE!!! Have a nice evening.

  8. What! You aren't Princess Polly etc! Neither are we all - and I guess even Tammy with her constant look on the bright side had a few down moments! Wonderful pod mate! It sounds like Cheers when Norm walks in! Enjoy your little tea and goodie afternoon tiffin! Especially when Buzzy has been misbehaving.
    Just popped in for a cup of my damn good! Another veggie bed composted, raked and covered for parsnip sowing later. I have some tomatoes to put into their new little pots as the seeds germinated and they are trying to get out of their little seed bed. Same for the peppers. Some done but not all. The greenhouse is full of dust because the chickens have dustbaths in there. A tad dry! Other than that they sunbathe and do roadkill impersonations. Almost gave me heart failure the first time I saw them do that - many years ago now. I see you have a piccy of Duke - chickens cross the road - daft ducks walk along the middle of it then!
    Poo to Betty - if you want a picture of a much loved member of your family - then you blooming have as many as you like all over the place. Pffft!
    Well done Mr JB he is your knight in shining armour!

  9. Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker on Netflix is really good. Only 4 episodes so it won't keep you busy for very long.