Jan 1, 2020


Well, Dearies...the calendar has marched forward into another year. JB and I went for an early dinner and I was home and asleep by 9:00! I suppose that's one way to ring in the year, no? My dear Mo-ther said that the Greeks were superstitious and that your New Year's Eve was a harbinger of the year to come, so I suppose I will be warm and safe and cozy and...well rested...for all of 2020.

Not a bad deal at all.

Breakfast is done and I have just finished playing in my stash. My initial thought was to start something new, but I decided to put these three pieces next to the Happy Chair instead:
I have been stitching Plum Pudding the last few days. The Christmas canvaswork was fun, but my poor thumb joints really took a beating. I forgot the difference in strength needed to pull that needle through canvas instead of linen. So I am back in the cross stitch saddle and loving every minute of it!

The Official Spinster Stitcher 2019 Jar of the Orts is now on the shelf:

(Please tell me I'm not the only one that still continues with this crazypants tradition!)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all of your lovely notes and cards and comments and gifts and emails and happy thoughts and prayers. I am simply full of and overwhelmed by the blessings of my life. My goal for 2020 is to be worthy of them.

A very blessed, happy, healthy, and stitchy New Year to you, my friends!


  1. Happy New Year! Please explain ORTS. Thanks, Lucinda

    1. Hi Lucinda -- hope this helps!
      "Orts are the leftover snips of thread that remain when you are done stitching." From the website below which gives lots more ort info!

  2. I make Christmas ornaments out of mine - I like how the jars look though! Happy New Year!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your New Year has started peacefully and happily. I hope it continues that way for the entire year! Enjoy your stitching --- I'm knitting right now --- good ways to begin a new year in my opinion.

  4. Happy New Year and hoping it brings lots of good things your way. I always enjoy reading your blog although I don't comment very often. Good choices on your stitching projects!

  5. I save my orts from both cross stitch and quilting. I have them in small baggies with the year written on a label.
    Susan from Canada

  6. Happy New Year! Your ort jars are so pretty. I did give up on that.. I love the pieces you are working on. I did a new start.

  7. Happy New Year. May this be the year for your new kidney and health.

  8. Warm, safe, cozy and well rested for 2020 sounds ideal to moi
    Also hoping the big procedure and restoration balances out your year of high hopes. Your ORT collection is EGA Museum-worthy.. fastidious, indeed.

  9. Sounds like 2020 is going to be good! I had to look up orts - then I thought it's like "old retired threads" even if it isn't what it means really!
    Here was foggy yesterday, drab today - but it isn't raining! Whoohoo! Here's hoping sunshine fills your day! :D

  10. I never got started on the save the orts habit, due to lack of much actual stitching. The few threads from a couple small ornaments (if that) each year just aren't impressive enough in my mind. Once a project is done, the orts are tossed, threads long enough to be used are put away.

    I wish you a warm, safe, cozy, well-rested, new kidneyed and healthy, well stitched New Year!

  11. Coni, wishing you a very happy, cozy and crafty New Year! Looking forward to seeing your progress on Plum Pudding and the others you have pulled.

  12. Words to live by.....Happy New year Coni!

  13. Still saving my orts...have at least 20 years worth. But, I roll mine into little balls and have them in unique jars.

    Happy New Year's. May 2020 find you with a new kidney and maybe a hubby?

  14. I save my orts also Coni. Sometimes I put them in Christmas balls with the year written on it. Others are just in jars.
    Love the projects you have pulled out.
    Happy New Year.

  15. I save my orts for the calendar year just for curiosity and to see what I've stitched all year, then empty the jar into the trashcan on Dec. 31st.
    Great projects you've pulled.
    I'm working on an EGA class project (UFO from 2004!) with cross stitch, pulled thread, blackwork and hardanger.
    Lynn from southern NJ

  16. I still keep my orts too though just all together in one big jar. I did see on the Stitch Maynia group on Facebook that Katy has a very cool shadow box for hers that I am loving. Going to keep an eye out for one for me :)

  17. Still saving my orts but after Jan 1 I throw away the previous year. I keep them long enough to get a photo at the end of the year.