Dec 21, 2019


The sun is streaming through the bedroom window, and I am tucked very happily into the big girl sleigh bed with damn good and the week's papers. I was completely knocked out yesterday, so having a minute to get my wits about me is not only lovely this morning, but somewhat necessary.

Depending on the clock, my hope is that I can get over to the Greek cookie sale at the Orthodox church, come back and get laundry, bills, and paperwork done, and then head to Mass at 5:00. If I were a betting spinster, though, I would take the under and bet that I only manage to scramble out of bed in time to go to church.

And I'm OK with that.

Still no stitching to report, but I have a different view of that now. I think of my projects as friends that I get to play with, and as it turns out, this friend is out of town for a few days. When she returns, I will get to spend as much time with her as I like and our visit will be all the more dearer for the absence.

(Hi. Remember me? Total nutjob that likes to assign human qualities to things.)

(And fussy little Jack Russel terriers with overbites.)

So that's the Saturday report, Dearies. Cozy and happy, enjoying the sunshine, and armed with enough damn good and reading material to last the day! I hope you are in much the same position....surrounded by everything you love! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Sounds a lovely relaxing day - after the Friday session. Here, racing around indoors and racing around cleaning chicken coops while dodging the rain. I now get wild pheasants come running up and begging for some food - cannot resist - they get a bagful. My Little Peeps (because that's what she used to do - very pitiful peeping sounds) now has lots of peeps friends - and make me feel guilty if I go out empty handed! LOL! Wishing for a dry Christmas! I'd much rather do a Coni in a big sleigh bed with my damn good and a book! :D

  2. You must have sent me your energy because I finished the wrapping of the gifts, tidied up a few things, and accomplished a few other things.

  3. Are you still using the CBD? If so it really sounds like it is working ;)