Nov 12, 2019


My mom has been gone thirty two years today. There are sometimes when it feels like yesterday, and others when it feels like more than a lifetime ago. I never thought about it, but the placement of her photo next to Dad's means that they literally look over me as I sit in my Happy Chair and live my life.

On the other wall of the corner hangs the "girl reading"needlepoint that Mom stitched when I was born, so I suppose it's natural that I would feel so very happy when I'm cozy in the chair with stitching or a good book or just my memories for company.

I have an errand to run for the JB this afternoon, and then I think I will come home and settle in with Hoity Toity and Dr. Zhivago. It was Mom's favorite movie, but I've never brought myself to the place to watch it.

Maybe today is the day to do just that.

Thursday will be three years since Stewey's passing, and although there is a heavy sadness about me this week, there is also a lot of peace knowing that he is in good company. Between my mom and dad and Uncle Connie and grandparents and other loved ones that are gone, I figure he is getting completely spoiled with love and turkey bacon treats and will be quite plump when next we meet.

Happy Tuesday, Dearies. Love one another deeply and well today!


  1. Memories, loving memories, are treasures that can fill the empty spaces with comfort until the grand reunion. Your Mom
    was a gifted lady and an insightful one in the choice of her
    needlepoint subject... the girl READING ... a legacy she also
    left to her little girl. No question, Stewey is surrounded by
    attention and treats. May this week rest gently upon you, dear one.

  2. Those happy memories and the peace they bring to us, keep us going until next we meet. Peace & love, Coni!

  3. Cherish the memories, and it seems that you have lots of wonderful ones. I hope that you enjoy Dr Zhivago as much as I have (every time that i watch it).


  4. Coni, lets be frank. Stewey was spoiled long before he went to live with the folks. You never stop missing them (2 and 4 legged family) but it does bring some peace to know where they are and will be waiting. Be kind to yourself and be thankful for your wonderful parents that had wonderful you! They are with you everyday. Hoity Toity looks great!

  5. What a lovely happy place. Sad memories of passing over (you do realise there is one huge party with them all and Stewey hoovering up the spilt bits and yes, sneaky hand out treats from the family), but the more wonderful and fun memories outweigh all. Enjoy xxx

  6. I'm so glad you have your corner of happiness. My mother's birthday is the 12th and she's been gone from us for four years. We were so lucky to have her 20 years longer than our father. My birthday is today and I always felt extra special to share our birthdays as one of her six children. I also have a picture of my parents close by to my stitching area when they were first married. It's nice to see them young and happy way before life took it's toll on them. Sorry to ramble on - but you touched me today.

  7. These are sad anniversaries you're remembering this week, but it's so good to focus on your beautiful memories of family members & your beloved Stewey. The photos & needlepoint your mom made are perfect to have near your stitching chair, they really help make it a "happy place"! Hope your day goes smoothly.

  8. Treasure your memories of your Stewey and your Mom (and your Dad and all the rest) and let them wash over you this week, Coni! They will always be a part of your life. Thinking of you!

  9. My mother has been gone for 22 years and I have wondered if the time would ever come when I didn't want her answer to something. I wish we knew to ask all these questions, both frivolous and serious while they were still here. And all those wonderful animals will also be with us forever.

  10. I understand your feelings somewhat. Mine's been gone 40 years; she was only 60. I have so many "ordinary" memories -- watching her make pies, watching her sew (years before TV!), seeing her almost spit in exasperation when basting the turkey every hour and worrying about the thing's getting too brown -- just a few. She was hard-working and highly respected. Many memories to smile over, and some not.... We tend to remember how moms shape us.

  11. Hugs! I love that your parents pictures are watching over you while you stitch :)