Oct 9, 2019


I had to cancel my appointment with Miss Karen for nails tomorrow because I will be in the hospital all day doing cardiac testing for transplant. I was lamenting missing said appointment when I decided to give the old meathooks a good spiff on my own, and it resulted in a full-blown mani/pedi night.

The perfect ending to a perfect day.

Yesterday found me in jams all day doing laundry, futzing about in CS2, watching Downton, and stitching. My only fail was the amount of food I ate, but the gain wasn't too bad and treatment will take care of it today.

JB and I were talking about my good mood and what it might be attributed to, and I came up with this list: gorgeous crisp Fall weather, lots of alone time to do my spinster thing, stitching every day, and cbd oil.

No matter the cause, I really wish I could bottle this feeling of peace and keep it for days when things are less than wonderful. Or, barring that, if I could just figure out how to even out a little and enjoy some moderately good days consistently without going from mountaintop to depths of despair within the space of six and a half minutes. My dear friend Dr. Dan always tried to tell me that the rollercoaster would eventually kill me, but I haven't found the exit yet.

Oh well.

Makes for interesting memories, I guess.

So that's my report for the day. I am in the d-chair doing my thing, with Sir Elton belting the tunes into my ear and Buzzy behaving quite nicely for a change. Off weight today should motivate me to stay the course and have salad tonight, so no complaints whatsoever.

I hope your very own Wednesday is wonderful and that you'll come tell me all about it!


  1. Your nails are beautiful! The perfect color for Autumn! And it is marvelous to hear you so happy --- I hope this mood latches on and stays with you. It's hard to keep an optimistic outlook sometimes but it sounds like Grace is smiling upon you today.

  2. Gorgeous nails, good mood and Buzzy behaving -- the trifecta of Wednesday-ness!

  3. Sounds all good. I think most people have highs and lows, and when you are on a really good run, the drop does seem a lot worse. A friend was told to list 6 positive things in her day. Not sure if it worked, but she does seem happier nowadays. Perhaps it was focusing on good rather than bleh! Anyhoo we are all different and what might work for one, may not be the case for others. Today I'm looking at the dawn and it's a beautiful pinky/purple glow. I have an unwell chicken - didn't expect her to survive the night, but she seems so much brighter today. Father in law is visiting for a while - escaping my mother in law! And it isn't raining. 4 positives so early - not bad!
    Luuuurve the nails - and Buzzy being good too. Great start to the day. Rock on. xx

  4. It sounds like you had a good Tuesday and a decent Wednesday. Sending good thoughts your way for your cardiac testing, Coni. Thinking of you!

  5. Love your nail color! Hope the testing is going well!