Oct 19, 2019


The plan was: Golf at the Warren, lunch in the clubhouse, visit/tour a health club, dinner at an Italian restaurant (for veal something), and then finally, a special premier of:
Unfortunately, my sense of timing between lunch and dinner was rather askew. We didn't finish playing golf until almost 2pm, and our dinner reservation was for 5:30. JB very graciously agreed to raincheck the fancy schmancy dinner and lounged with his new couch blanket for a few hours instead.

Bruce has never really been my thing, but JB lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps him, so this film was a really nice treat. I saw a preview for it the day I went to see Downton, and purchased the tickets that very day. I'm glad that I did, because the special preview tonight included some great bonus footage.

(The film and music were great, by the way, and even I was able to appreciate the Bruce mystique.)

Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming, but tonight I'm bushed! I hope your own Saturday was special like JB's was! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Glad to hear the day was a success!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration! I'm glad you both had such an enjoyable day!

  3. I held an Operation Happy Birthday for myself! My birthday is tomorrow, but I went for a trail ride in the autumn woods today, and bought a (wheat-free) double chocolate cupcake for tomorrow on my way home! Give my almost-twin JB my belated happy birthday wishes.

  4. Success, you earned your exhaustion!

  5. Happy belated birthday wishes to your JB!

  6. I am sure you both appreciated the little break!