Aug 18, 2019


I'm participating in the #commonthreadedstitcher challenge over on the Instagram, and today's theme was "Most complex/complicated finish".

Most of the participants are cross stitchers and are showing fully finished objects that they have completed, but as we all know, fully finishing objects is just not my forte'.

(Remember the tragic glue gun incident of 2008 and the weeks and weeks in which I was grounded from my studio and anything remotely related to finishing? Stewey bitched about the glitter and debris in the rug (and in my hair, his hair, on the happy chair, and everywhere else) for months.)

So my share was Tony Minieri's Stars for the Millennium, because in the sixteen years or so that I've been stitching I have never been more absorbed by or proud of or moved by something I've stitched.

I stitched my version of Stars in 2011 during the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. I knew I wanted and needed a piece that would help me remember and reflect, and what ended up happening was I found a piece that helped me pray.

Each block was more intense than the next with dozens of intricate composite stitches, but as I completed them, I felt my mind clear and my heart open up and my dialogue in my head became more about others than the usual stuff about myself. I thought about those lost, those saved, those who rose, and those who fell. I remembered both the horror and the pride, as well as the feeling of being so incredibly vulnerable, but thoroughly brave at the same time. When the last stitch was taken, I felt calmer and more peaceful than I had in a long I had walked through something that reminded me of both my capabilities as well as my weaknesses.

I sat with this piece for a few minutes this morning after the hustle and bustle of getting to Mass in time, grabbing a few groceries on the way hone, and getting the laundry started. I took a minute to really look at examine almost each and every stitch and thread and color, and to give myself a little pat for good work.  Given the amount of self-flagellation that normally goes on in my tiny little brain, it was nice to feel a bit of confidence and hear an "Atta' girl!" escape through slurps of damn good.

Do yourselves a favor, Dearies. Go grab your very own Stars and give it a good look-see. No negatives allowed...just bask for a few minutes in the wonderfulness of whatever it is that you created...whether it's a stitchy piece, or knitting, or coloring, or diamond painting, or pottery, or watercolor, or a fly fishing lure, or a chocolate cake, or a jigsaw puzzle....anything that cane from the work of your very own hands.

You did that. You put that into this big beautiful world of ours. You.

Enjoy that feeling, my friends! I know I will for just a few more minutes before the day takes me where it will.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Good suggestion. I'm on my way to my completely stitched pieces but that have not been sent to the finisher. Sometimes, it is easy to forget what has only to go to the finisher to be displayed.

  2. Coni: I love this design, I am a finisher alright a slow one but still, I sometimes wish I had stitched instead of finishing, oh well days on end of stitching can get boring.
    Have a great week.


  3. one of mine is one you inspired: Rainforest Crunch, in my own colors :)

  4. Your Stars piece is beautiful! I've never seen it done in this colorway. You should be very proud!

  5. Your Stars are beautiful, and your inspiration is heartwarming! Thank you for being you :)

  6. From a quilter's point of view - that is superb! Love it. I'd be happy to get any of my patchwork looking that great.

  7. Very beautiful. I wish/pray that you pat yourself on the back more often for what you do and have accomplished. You're very talented. Give some thought to why you don't finish pieces... I've found I feel much better about myself, others, and the world when I get out of myself and concentrate on and pray for others and what they may have suffered or are suffering. Keep up the great work. Praying for your successes in many areas.

  8. Wow! This is absolutely fabulous! Beautiful work, Coni. Just beautiful.

  9. One of your more insightful posts, Coni dear. We tend not to
    bathe with pride in the work of our hands and it is a practice that deserves attention. It is the one "I" of "I" did it that acknowledges our contribution to beauty around us
    which does not make it "all about me" but a sharing of ourselves through a labor of love. Be proud of your Stars and the thoughts and prayers that were included.

  10. Funny that I've been looking at mine mostly because a few us are finishing the sashing and borders on a friend's version. She passed away last year and doing this is honoring her. It's an amazing piece.

  11. My "stars" piece is Marilyn L-Inblum's angel of the morning. Took me 17 years to finish her but she is my tribute to honor and remember those who were victims of and part of 9/11.

  12. Your Stars piece and your inspiration for your colors are truly beautiful. I have your piece pinned on my Pinterest board as I have started this project a few months ago. It is challenging but also a great learning experience. Thank you for giving me a thoughtful journey to take on my project. Hang in there, you are amazing and very brave.

  13. Love this! A great little exercise everyone should do more often!