Jul 3, 2019


Does anybody know why a spinster of a certain age would suddenly start having bad dreams? And, why, perchance, said dreams are full of death and...spiders?!

Good grief, Dearies! It's just not easy being me sometimes.

(Well, all the time, really, but I am making an effort to be a more positive person.)

(Pause for eye roll.)

OK...moving on. Yesterday was full of stitching, rest, and movies. I have been on a bit of a movie kick lately, and watched Moonstruck, Saving Mr. Banks, Patch Adams, Beaches, Notting Hill, and Ghostbusters.

(A real intellectual film fest of cinematic excellence if you ask me.)

Plum Pudding continues to rock right along. I am just loving every stitch, and am truly enjoying some stitchy peace...finally. It only took about sixteen years, but I feel like I finally found my lane.

That's it for Yours Truly today, Friends. I'm off to the d-chair like a herd of turtles! Happy hump day! Do something humpy and come tell me all about it!


  1. Have a fabulous, no surprises, d-chair day! Keep rocking the stitch!

  2. Probably for the same reason I go though spells of having dreams of nearly falling from very high places - things on your mind that aren't allowed to work themselves out during the day. Worries, fears, hopes, whatevers...

    I'll be working on cleaning up a tree that blew over Sunday evening. On a "vacation" day. Yay me for adulting, instead of stitching, sewing or organizing my hugely expanded threads stash.

  3. I hope no one thinks my prior comment insinuated that stitching, sewing and stash fondling/organizing are not worthy things to do. They most certainly are! I'm just whining about tree cleanup on a day off from work. Sigh. I really shouldn't comment on blogs before I've had breakfast or at least coffee!

  4. Coni, Plum Pudding is looking great. Keep on rocking with it! Hope today's d-chair time goes smoothly for you. Thinking of you!

  5. Okay, I’ve said it before, but when you stitch.....you STITCH!!
    None of this “I’ll put a couple of rows in now and come back to it in a few....” like yours truly! I’ve got to be the slowest stitcher EVER!
    Plum Pudding is looking great!
    Sorry for your crappy dreams. I hate when that happens, but I thinkJustGail is right. Things on your mind come through in your dreams and can leave you quite shaken. Wishing for you an easy d-chair day, with a peaceful stitchy afternoon.

  6. Any changes in medication, Coni? That can cause vivid and unpleasant dreams. I hope it gets better soon. Plum Pudding is gorgeous.

  7. Your stitching is very lovely!

    Medications will do that for me every time...scary dreams one night and then spiders the next. Once I quite the med's, it all goes away.

  8. I have been watching Hallmark's Signed Sealed and Delivered series of movies as they are having a free week. I am right with you on having an intellectual film fest. :)

  9. It takes effort to be positive these days, but you manage to
    let the humor emerge and the courage to prevail... Love Plum
    Pudding and am in awe of your speed and skill. Hope your chair day goes well and that your movie fest inspires a more
    enjoyable dreamscape.

  10. I very recently had a naked burglar in my home and I've been having strange sex nightmares and other terrifying things. Fortunately I go to a therapist and she told me that I was working things out in my head while sleeping and it will fade with time. However, you can't UNSEE a naked burglar. Ruth in Oxnard CA

  11. You are making fantastic progress on Plum Pudding. It looks fantastic.

    Cold and raining here and I'm shortly off to Pilates.

    Sydney, Australia

  12. I just cannot believe how quickly you're stitching this! It's gorgeous.

  13. Speedy Gonzales! I agree though, when you enjoy something you do tend to breeze along nicely. Happy chair session I hope. And as I'm ahead of you - happy 4th July too.

  14. Maybe it's the moon, Coni. The other night I had a dream that my new Betta fish (who I am desperately trying NOT to kill through inexperience and ineptitude) exploded and (obviously) died. Seriously? Dreaming of exploding fish? It definitely affected me for the whole day.

  15. Gorgeous progress! I have always heard that dreaming of death is actually a new beginning happening in your life.