Jul 4, 2019


Well, Dearies, the old crazy crackpot spinster is back in the saddle.

I came home from the d-chair yesterday armed with good intentions of a healthy dinner and a night full of movies and stitching, but ended up slobbering on the couch like an exhausted labradoodle for three hours instead.

When I awoke it was 11pm and I was wide awake,  so I did the prudent thing and stayed up until 2am stitching and watching My Fair Lady.

I could have stitched all night...I could have stitched all night...and still have begged for more...

Today has dawned a bit bleary and hot and humid, but I am in the Happy Chair armed with my smoothie and Plum Pudding for company. No pool time for me today...there appears to be an entire country of small people splashing about with their water wings down there, and I am just not in the mood to be "on" today. Invariably, when I go to the pool populated with littles, I end up supervising and entertaining them whilst their parents lounge and take a break. If Magoo is with, he expertly takes over the small talk and hears all about the latest adventures of Emma and her sister Natalie and their dog named Bear (or whomever), but he is in New Jersey and I am left to my own agoraphobic devices today, so inside it shall be.

No nightmares last night, thank God. According to my dealer (aka, the guy at the CBD oil shop), I have been mis-dosing myself.  I was only squirting a half dropper under my tongue on d-chair days. What I should be doing is taking a half dropper every morning to maintain a steady level of it in my body rather than having it jump up and down.

(I'm pretty sure the whole thing is complete hooey, by the way, but if it gets me to faithfully go to treatment and not pass out during cannulation/needle insertion it's worth it.)

My plan for the day is to eat well, rest well, and stitch while watching movies. I do have some patriotic pieces I could play with in honor of the holiday in these here parts, but It might just be another day for PP.

Speaking of...here's a progress pic:

So I guess that will do it for me today. If you are celebrating, please have a very safe and happy 4th of July. Otherwise, have a very sFe a happy Thursday!

P.S. I received a request for my smoothie recipe. Vanilla almond milk, Oikos triple zero yogurt, and frozen fruit. Simple. Today I've got peach and mixed berry yogurt with frozen blueberries and peaches in the magic cup.

P.P.S. Dinner will be burgers on English muffins, potato salad, and baked beans with watermelon for dessert. I wanted hot dogs, but can't trust myself not to eat them like Joey Chestnut, so prudence prevailed.


  1. A most Happy Independence Day to you!!!!

  2. Sounds like you have a 'handle' on things as we say at home.
    Keep on stitching. The piece is great!
    Enjoy your Inedpendence Day. Take care.

  3. i am having a lazy day-don't feel like fighting the traffic out to the shoreline--think a burger and some reading and stitching may just hit the spot

  4. A burger on an English muffin sounds yummy. I will have to try that as I love a good English muffin. Spending the day at home; it is too hot and humid out there. Done a bit of stitching and will be doing more after dinner. Going to watch the fireworks on the teevee tonight. Happy Independence Day, Coni!

    PS Plum Pudding is looking good!

  5. Spent some time with my youngest gran today so her parents could get some things done. She helped me work on a quilt (she played on the floor whilst I sewed). It was a nice day.

    Plum Pudding is looking fabulous!

  6. Sometimes listening to your body and resting when it wants does work wonders! But for me yesterday (apart from melting) was fun - I drove a tractor - and it had air con! So many gauges to play with, but when he said "more revs" I cranked the speed lever up and we went whoosh - to my panicky trying to keep a cool look rather than "jump man jump I canna control her" expression, lifted foot off the accelerator - which is what he meant by more revs in the lower gear! But fun fun fun and another one for the bucket list. I need to find someone with a motor bike now!
    I'm so pleased that your session was doable and that you have sewn sew much in the early hours. JB needs to come back for a while - maybe that's the dream meaning. On the other hand I dreamt we had a window cleaner turn up out of the blue - very realistic except when I looked out the windows are still dirty. Definitely a dream!


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