Jul 10, 2019


I'm drinking an iced coffee the size of my head, if that's any indication of how things are going today.

Damn, drat, and phooey. It. Is. Hot.

And humid.

(And we all know how much this big girl loves hot and humid.)

My hair is deranged, the front of my old lady t-shirt is soaked through, and my carefully applied GoldBond cooling powder has turned to kindergarten paste in my nether regions.

To top it off, I gained almost seven pounds since Monday despite eating like a nun on an organic kale farm and swimming for almost AN ENTIRE FREAKING HOUR in the swimming pool yesterday.

This would have been just another Wednesday were it not for the fact that the needles hurt so bad I bawled my eyes out and then one of the nurses questioned my effort in trying to get a transplant....as if going through this three times a week is preferable to eating the occasional salad.

Oey, I tell ya! Oey!

If Stewey were here, he'd lead me to the big girl sleigh bed, pat me gently, and tuck me in for a lovely snoozy nap...smelling of baby shampoo and feeling as soft as a sophisticated little chinchilla.

(With an overbite.)

Alas, I am left to my own comfort, it would seem, so methinks a little Plum Pudding, several more ounces of this delicious cold brew concoction, and a cold cloth on my head will just have to do the trick.

Speaking of Miss P...here she is in all her glory thus far:

The Bitsy Bob Cutie was a gift from my sister...she picked up on my growing addiction to them and surprised me with a little stitchy kindness. If you don't know what a Bitsy Bob is, go visit Miss Kelly on the Etsy at That's So Kelly Co (or just do a Google for Bitsy Bob).

OK, enough kvetching, Dearies. Thank you for the vent. If your corner of the world is sweltering, please look after yourselves and all the critters around you...and if you have to be out in this working...God keep you safe!

Do something cool and come tell me all about it!


  1. That ---- nurse needs more than one sensitivity training session. Don't listen to the negative folks out there. They just want to make you as miserable as they are. We all adore you and your unbreakable spirit.

  2. Oh my! I guess that nurse has never been on the receiving end of those needles! She would not have asked had she been! You hang in there and do all the home grown therapy that you need to do. I am sure Stewey would approve!

  3. I would have stuck those needles where the sun doesn't shine on that nurse....without using the Goldbond either if she has said that to me!! Enjoy your stitching:)

  4. Let's stick needles in that nurse! Plum Pudding is looking good. Staying in as much as possible from afternoon on as it is horrid out there and drinking lots of fun! Iced Coffee sounds better though. Enjoy your evening!

  5. Have not had a moment to read Prez Trump's executive order to
    overhaul kidney treatment, but hope it is good news for you,
    Coni. Hope you can perspire out that 7 lbs. Your conscience should be clear...you behaved. Those with whom I shared your
    billboard of yesterday are still chuckling... a good one.
    Sleep well and pass over that ultra sensitive nurse... you
    are going to beat this ….and beat her attitude in the process

  6. Well that was one nurse that you could have done without - perhaps being sent to the maternity ward . . . madam with a baby as huge as that do you think you should cross your legs in future as you will undoubtedly damage your undercarriage!

    On a brighter note we have the Canadian invasion - second cousin with her first cousin on the other side of her family. So yesterday we walked up (and my cousin climbed to the very top with my husband) to Haytor - they wanted to see Hound of the Baskerville country! They weren't disappointed. I was pleased that I managed to climb that blinking hill - I hate hills! LOL! But the views . . .

    So I hope you have a splendid day without unpleasantries and it's OK to cry. I'm sure Stewey would have said you were very brave and wipe your tears away. And your sewing project is delicious!

  7. I don't know why some people pick the wrong profession and that nurse is definitely not in the right profession! Yeesh! Hope you are cooler today!