Jun 27, 2019


Chello, Dearies!

Here we are on a Thursday, and I have just hauled my big fat self out of the big girl sleigh bed.

It's going on noon.

As in noon ter noon...a time when most people have been up for hours and are contemplating their second meal of the day rather than their second cup of damn good.

But you know what?

I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I had I good long sleep, because you are my people and (aside from Betty), you won't judge me one little bit for just being me today.

(If I haven't said it lately...I love you all for that!)

Here is the current state of stitchy affairs in this part of Hoosierville today:
I'm chugging right along on Plum Pudding and enjoying every stitch of it. Pulling silk through linen is better than any drug on the market, kids. Trust me...I've tried 'em all!

As soon as I get myself semi-presentable, I'm off to see Dr. Melfi, and then home for a splosh and a lovely healthy dinner. I had groceries delivered last night for the first time (because I had a coupon that covered almost all of the delivery fee thankyouvetymuch), so CS2 is stocked and ready for the foreseeable future, or the weekend.

Whichever comes first.
It's all about smoothies, salads, and grilled ka-bons for this here tubbykins, kids! I'm going to get these next hundred off if it kills me!

Happy Thursday! I hope you are doing all the things that blow your skirt up today! Do something decadent and naughty and come tell me all about it!


  1. Your day sounds great to me. I appreciate your ability to bounce back AND to carry on. When I have a bad day with my chronic problems I think of you. Your resillance is encouraging. Thanks 😊

  2. You do whatever your happy heart tells you to do and enjoy every single moment of it! You always brighten my day and I appreciate your wonderful spirit!

  3. Coni, thank you for taking care of yourself today. I'm so proud of you!!!

  4. A much accomplished day, Coni dear... That well organized
    fridge is notable, Ms Neat....and health-filled. With your
    determination, you will remove that extra avoir du pois in
    no time....

  5. I love that you never lose your sense of humor. I stitched with friends today - I love Thursdays!

  6. Oh do enjoy. I must control my weight - it seems to have dropped to the bottom whereas the top half has got a little thinner (I do a lot of upper body heaving loads of compost at the moment so flappy batwings are now Arnie Terminator half muscle wings) - I do think gravity has a lot to be blamed for!

  7. Coni, it looked like you had a good day. Your body needed the extra sleep, so no apologizing for sleeping to noon.

  8. Something decadent and naughty? Well, I spent way too much money this week on crafting supplies. I can't wait to get them!

  9. Good for you for sleeping in and having groceries delivered! If anyone deserves some pampering it is you xo