Jun 26, 2019


  1. LOL! Coni, this brought back a funny (to me now) memory. When my son was oh say 8 or so he and his devilish friend (because my sweet angel would never think of doing this, yeah right)were playing in his room when I started hearing thuds followed by riotous laughter. Upon investigation, there was one of them up on the top bunk loading beanie babies on the ceiling fan blades while the other was at the switch awaiting orders to launch. Beanie babies were flying every which way!That ceiling fan was never the same

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mba5pr8eqiA Pretty good video for pin stretching info. Be sure you use acid free foam core and art tape if taping directly to your linen on the back after stretching and don't use any pins that do not say right on the package that they are brass (no rusting). The objective is not to do anything to your stitching that cannot be reversed at some point down the road (either for cleaning or storage). Best of luck and you do beautiful work.

  3. Now going to have to clean some of my coffee off the screen and keyboard! My imagination was working overtime!

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