Jun 28, 2019


So after my very perfect Thursday, guess what I did?

Had bad dreams and tossed and turned all night.

Yup...my mini movie last night was me in the hospital dying and all I wanted was my mom and dad.


I'm sure Dr. Melfi and I will have a field day with that next time I see her, but for now it's a new day and I'm off to the d-chair armed with an extra cup of damn good and a few extra drops of CBD under my tongue.

Stitching was lovely last night...still working on Plum Pudding. I've almost completed the dark purple center and hope to make some really good progress on it today and over the weekend. We are expecting some wicked heat and humidities in these here parts, so aside from pool sploshing, methinks there will be lots of movie watching and stitching to be had.

And maybe a little laundry.

That's it for today, friends. I hope your very own Friday is wonderfully swell and that you'll come tell me all about it!


  1. Coni, hope chair time goes well today. Extra coffee sounds great! Wicked heat and humidity here as well! Thinking of you!

  2. Coni, you are doing very well and I know that 100 pounds looks daunting, but maybe look at it this way... its just taking off 1 pound 100 times! You've got this!

  3. Those dreams? Blame the mushrooms and move on... you have
    your head on straight and a great weekend to look forward to.. Hope your Dchair day goes well.

  4. I hope your day is going smoothly. It's hot and humid where I live and I have decided I don't want to participate! A.C. on, candles lit, Christmas movie playing --- live in whatever world makes you happiest, Coni! Your Plum Pudding is gorgeous!

  5. Nasty bad dreams - chase them out! Here it is hot and very humid - so Friday was spent under the walnut tree in the shade with the chickens - not a stitch to be done. I envy your pool!!!

  6. Sorry you had such a terrible night after such a lovely day. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! It is rainy and cold here today so all Canada Day plans have gone out the window and we are all cozy under blankets watching tv.