May 18, 2019


Today has dawned anew, and I am in the Happy Chair ready for action. I don't have any stitchy progress to report, Dearies. Once the trauma of the day wore off I was just too tired to contemplate needle and thread, so it was a binge-watch of MadMen and pizza and not much else.

It is a Maynia free day, so this means I will putz about with a few different things. I might have a little Grasshopper Pie or play with Cirque or even give some consideration to Oscar's Corsage...wherever the day takes me.

Thank you for your love and cooing and pats and hugs and kindness. I just don't know whatI did to deserve yous...

But first there is damn good to be consumed and laundry to be sploshed and floors to be swept.

Wherever you find yourself today, I hope it's exactly where you want to be! Come tell me all about it!


  1. The laundry is sploshing here and the dry mopping is awaiting. Enjoy your cup of damn good and a day of relaxation!

  2. Glad to hear you are your usual positive self! We are having grey skies and thunder-boomers here today. I am curled up with Mary Oliver's new (and unfortunately her last) book: Upstream. Very inspiring. Back to stitching tomorrow.

  3. Well, I hope that you have an extra fine day. After yesterday, you deserve one! Do what makes you happy!

  4. Dear Coni I'm glad that perfectly awful day is behind you and you had today to rest,recupe and restore yourself. I think this dialysis business is quite hard on the body,mind and soul. It's a rather aggressive way to clear out the ol system and sometimes I think a day like yesterday comes along as a release and a reset. I pray days like that will be few and far in between. I don't know why you were dealt this hand dear one. You are teaching me a lot about "carrying on regardless"

  5. Quilt show for me - was able to film a friend receiving her award for her winning quilt entries for a magazine competition. Lovely day.
    No washing here although plenty of ironing! What a pity you have to jump out of the happy chair to do chores! Hope you have more play time than work time! Glad you are feeling better too. :D