Apr 9, 2019


Here we are on a lovely Tuesday, Dearies, and I am ready for stitching and laundry and nothing else.

(Maybe a quick clean of the kitchen, a fast window wash, a flip of the mattress, run to the post office, an hour or two in the garage, a walk on the treadmill, a spiff up of the bathroom, and a re-org of the cube room studio.)


Stitching and laundry.

That's it. No shoulding or to-doing or feeling like I should be out enjoying the sunshine and solving world peace.

I'm pushing too hard...I know that, but I have a sense of time flying faster and faster and I really don't want to waste one single minute of it. Maybe it's the Springtime fever, maybe it's this new crazy routine of only having a few hours in a week in which I feel almost human....not sure, but it's going to take a lot of time with Dr. Melfi to get me to get off this partcular ledge.

Thank you for all of your kind words about my current stitchy progress, but I must confess that I feel like a big fat fraud. The designer, Miss Cheryl Granda, the dyers at Picture This Plus, and the creators of Dinky Dyes deserve all of the credit. This is indeed a beautiful piece and a true joy to stitch, but all of the hard work was done before I put needle and thread in hand. 

OK...off to the kitchen to whip up a smoothie. I am trying to have those on non-d days and am determined to stick with the plan. I've redoubled my efforts to get this last 100 off, and God knows it has to start with me making better choices and sticking to a routine!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you get to enjoy your day, that your needles are flying, and that you'll come tell me all about it!


  1. A stitching and laundry day sounds great! I love seeing your stitching; I am more and more tempted by those beautiful designs by Cheryl Granda. I'm impressed by your quick progress, too. Your smoothie routine sounds like a deliciously great idea. Hope you enjoy your day!

  2. Coni, please. Just say,"why thank you kind readers". Yes the designer and dyers and makers of beautiful colors are talented,creative and amazing but don't sell your skill set short. You do stitches I wouldn't attempt at this stage of the game so I am a fan and you are my rock star ;)

  3. Laundry and a quick kitchen blessing and I will be knitting another sleeve for a wee Lassie's sweater. Had to knit the first one twice due to my inability to follow the directions... Ah well, such is life.

  4. I was thinking to myself while reading the first paragraph, that sounds like a workday from hell to me...glad to see your real plan for the day. All the day to day crap will be there tomorrow, and the next day and so forth. Enjoy a day of rest and stitching, Lord knows you deserve it!

  5. I think a day of stitching sounds just lovely! I hope you enjoyed every moment of it --- I crocheted and enjoyed myself so much. This thing we do -- the stitching and knitting and crocheting --- it's a marvelous blessing and not to be taken lightly! You are a blessing to all of us as well, Coni. I hope today was wonderful!

  6. Ahhh they may have done the work prior, lovely as it is, but you bring it to life!
    Just off for a walk down the road to see some friends newborn lambs - it's cold and murky, poor little things! But better days for them ahead to pronk and gambol!

  7. You definitely have a hand in making Grasshopper Pie so beautiful :)