Apr 10, 2019


When my dear dad suffered his second heart attack and came out of a ninety minute CPR code, he had a problem with fatigue and short term memory loss. He would get so frustrated and say "I can't stand being so out of it, CJ. I'm tired and foggy and just want to sleep the day away."

And I would reply "Dad, do you have to fly a plane today filled with puppies and orphans? Relax, rest, and just enjoy the time off from the troubles of the world. The plane will be there for you when you get your senses back."

And he would rest.

Somehow I forgot this advice, and I have been utterly and completely frustrated by my inability to function like a 52...soon to be 53...year old female person. I am wiped out, groggy, out of it, and completely exhausted, and rather than just riding it out I'm fretting and kvetching and moaning and fighting about it constantly.

Which makes me even more wiped out, groggy, out of it, etc.

So today I'm going to park the plane and just get on with it, Dearies. If I stitch...I stitch. If I don't...I don't. This whole d-chair thing is what it is and I need to quit trying to make it normal. I need to understand that (for now, anyway) it's OK for me to just...be. My plus-sized Superwoman cape needs to go on a hanger in the closet, and somebody else needs to be in charge.

Any volunteers?


  1. Even superheros need vacations girlie! Please rest!

  2. You are showing courage and your father would be would be proud of you. Enjoy a rest!

  3. Rest and relax is your ticket for today! Thinking of you, Coni!

  4. Your advice to your Dad, well taken, and should be by you.
    Not discounting the impact of your treatments, me thinks
    that so many are walking around in a semi-fog these days given GIGO. This, too, should pass for you and become better tolerated... That cape should be set aside in the meantime
    and your energies directed toward making our Coni unfettered and secure within herself. Plenty of time for flying when the time comes. Are you getting enough restorative sleep
    and laughter? The scrubbing pace is not called for here.
    Pardon if I've overstepped a bound.....

  5. Okay, I'll volunteer. "Coni, do you have to fly a plane today filled with puppies and orphans? Relax, rest, and just enjoy the time off from the troubles of the world. The plane will be there for you when you get your senses back."

    Stepping down from the soapbox now!

    Susan Anonymouse

  6. I too, will volunteer to step up for you. We just cannot do it all, and you need to focus on you, your health, and get your rest. Stitch when you feel like it. There are no deadlines. I am sorry, and will continue to hold you in my prayers. I pray for a new kidney for you, Coni.

  7. I would take your place in the D-chair if I could. If only life worked that way. But I am sure I would not be able to handle it with the grace and courage that you do. Take all the time you need to rest up-those planes are always late anyway.

  8. Coni -- Your advice to your father is exactly what we all need to hear when we try to do too much. Some days we need to just sit still and let our bodies rest. With your treatments your body needs rest more so. AND also your wanting to do, do, do. It is okay to let the house be a bit messy and not totally picked up and organized. No house police or stitch police are coming. Relax, watch some TV and release yourself of the "TO DOs". Love your posts dear Coni. Prayers are given up daily for your health and a new kidney. Have a great evening and a good Thursday! Cindy in northern Illinois

  9. I love that advice you always gave your Dad, and now it's important for you to follow it yourself as well. You need to let your body rest, and let yourself be. I look forward to your posts, and I'm so impressed with your positive attitude and courage. Please take care of yourself, and have a relaxing Thursday!

  10. My mom and FIL were d chair people. I so admire that you get up everyday and live life. Rest and relax and if the plane needs to leave without you let it . Plus size caps hang just as well as others hang .

    Linda m

  11. Please do rest --- give yourself permission to do nothing. Sleep,relax, and exist. These are not bad things and you have gone far above and beyond what the vast majority of people (including me) could have done! You are a real hero, Coni.

  12. Sleep helps the body recover. Just wrap your Superwoman cape around you and snuggle into it for a while. Sometimes you have to have a time-out session. 60 almost 61 I hate napping in the afternoon - but then it catches me out in the evening and by bedtime I'm wide awake! If I had my 40 winks earlier, I'd be sleeping better. Listen to your body because sometimes the head is a pain in the bottom! ;) Take care and try not to fret. xx

  13. That is great advice! Hope you are still listening to yourself :)