Apr 30, 2019


It's cold and dreary here in Hoosierville today, and I am loving every minute of it! I slept in a little longer than normal, had a few cups of damn good, read the paper, and now I'm going to settle in with Grasshopper Pie for one last day of stitching before Maynia begins.

(I know I'm a total whackadoo, but days like this make me appreciate being able to stay inside in my pajamas all day without guilt.)

Not much stitching to report from yesterday. Treatment completely knocked me out and I was under the weather for the duration of the day and evening. 

Rich is heading to New Jersey on Thursday, so I will have ten days to miss him and revert back to my old single spinster routines. I know there will be tacos and lots of housecleaning and late night stitching, and probably more than enough bad TeeVee in the form of Housewives to shake a stick at. 

(His visits home give me the opportunity to crawl back into my neurotic agoraphobic turtle shell and just be...quiet...for a bit, so as much as I worry about him driving and being away...I do appreciate the time to reset all of my buttons..)

I have received a ton of emails asking about my sister and Bosco. They are both doing well and living out of state. She opened an Etsy shop called Siggy's Closet and is making and selling stitchy-related things, and Bosco is supervising quite nicely. He will be 14 years old in September and is still as cute as ever. I miss the little guy so much and sometimes feel like it was just yesterday that he was terrorizing Stewey on the ottoman.

Speaking of Stewey...he still pops into my dreams every now and then. I have a good cry about twice a week because I still miss him so much, but the laughs over his antics usually outweigh them. He sure was a special part of my life.

OK...that's enough rambling for now. The countdown has begun until I pull my first Maynia project out of the box tonight! WooHoo!


  1. Newbie Maynia here. Any tips? I've kitted up 21 starts, but its scaring the bejesus out of me.

    1. I'm a newbie too, Joanne! I'm not doing the new start thing, but devised my own little plan to join in on the fun. I think the best advice I have is that we HAVE FUN and that we don't should on ourselves, If something doesn't blow your skirt up...pick something else! Can't wait to see your progress...I think you can post both to the Facebook and the Instagrams.

    2. I've decided the first thing I'm working on is my WIP. After will be whatever zippered pouch I grab. Will stitch 1 hour after work Monday thru Friday. Weekends will have no set time, just stitch.

  2. Maybe you should consider adopting a new pup?

  3. We miss the weekly updates from Master Stewey Angus Willowswamp, His Very Little Self as well, but keeping tabs on You and Rich for him is our new mission in life. I am glad that you are having a stitchy day with bad TeeVee. I look forward to some of those days when I retire as well.

  4. We had an empty year without our lovely old badly behaved dog. Then constant reminders, whining and looking at what was referred to as 'puppie porn' resulted in a new delightful canine addition to the household. I can't recommend it enough,and even Mr No More Dogs is totally smitten. Can't recommend it enough.

  5. We lost our sweet baby Jack Russell last April and it broke our hearts, in fact I still miss her like crazy, but we opened our hearts to a chihuahua who needed us and turned out to be the perfect baby as if she was made for us. We rescued her but she rescued our hearts! I recommend it highly and it takes the focus off of yourself and your complaints and puts your mind on the sweet one that needs your attention and gives so much back in return. ❤️

  6. There really is nothing like spending time with yourself :) Hope you enjoyed it! And enjoy your JB coming home even more!