Mar 19, 2019



  1. I think it is great. Comfort like charity, should begin at home. Enjoy

  2. I'll take comfortable clothes and a day at home cross stitching any day!

  3. What are you testing??!

    Responding to your earlier post, please treat yourself with the kindness and understanding that you give to others. You are dealing with a serious illness; you have been for a long time; and some of the symptoms of your illness are fatigue and confusion.

    When you add to that the changes that you have gone through in the past 2 1/2 years, just getting through the days and treatments is an achievement. Adding in a physically and emotionally trying task is like adding a heavy knapsack to the marathon you run every day.

    So stitch something fun, enjoy the fresh air and birds from the balcony, and watch something light and fun on TV (I can recommend the Mary Poppins movie).

    Susan Anonymouse

  4. My laundry is usually work clothes, towels and lots of lovely jammies and warm cozy bed jackets. Just the way I like it!

  5. My neighbors must think I’m crazy- I come to the door in my robe day and night. The only time I’m fully dressed in street clothes is when I’m outside in the front...
    Life is too short to be uncomfortable!