Mar 28, 2019


You're looking at my entire agenda for the day:

OK. I have been futzing with a new Blogger app for the last hour to no avail. Phooey.

No worries, though, Dearies. The apartment is clean and tidy, the laundry is sploshed, dried, folded, and tucked away, the fridge and pantry are stocked and organized, and I am clean and shiny and looking forward to stitching and Netflix for the day.

There is a brief errand to return a library book that must be done, but no complaints there. It looks like a beautiful Spring day out there in Hoosierville, and a little sunshine and fresh air never killed anybody.

So that's it...Spinsterday bliss.

(But if anybody knows if/when that old Blogger app is coming a spinster out!)


  1. Looks like a very fine day indeed.... Me, I'm cleaning the garage. The city is having a Curb-side Clean-up Saturday where they'll pick up about anything that is not poisonous or explosive. Generations of spiders are cursing me.

  2. Works for me! Wish I could join you, but that pesky job gets in the way of fun.

  3. Spinster Bliss day sounds fabulous! Enjoy it to the fullest, Coni!

  4. Delighted you have had a wonderful day...

  5. Coni, a very fine day indeed! You may know this but u can download kindle app from Amazon and borrow library books from your library. I am sure your local library has digital access. You just sign in with your library card, you can get e- books downloaded instantly, put books on hold and keep a wishlist. You can get new books and all from the comfort of the Happy Chair. It's up their with stitchey bliss! PS: You can get magazines and audiobooks too!

    1. I know....but I am addicted to physical books in hand and love browsing the stacks at the library!

  6. Just to let you know - South Bend rated a mention in the Sydney newspaper today. An article about Pete Bittigieg's nomination to be the Democrat presidential candidate, including a guide to how to pronounce his name. They gave two alternatives! Surely the poor chap only pronounces his name one way - can't we know how he pronounces it and do as he does?

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Oh my goodness, Megan! Mayor Pete is a pretty interesting guy and has done wonders for South Bend, in my humble opinion!

  8. Lovely day here again too. :D Enjoy while it lasts!