Feb 1, 2019


Don't ask me how, but I cleaned and re-organized the cube room studio.


I ordered and received a nylon toy box from the Targets (for a whopping $15), and finally got rid of the big pile of canvases stacked in the corner:

The canvases are on top for now, but will be stored flat in an artist's portfolio that is on its way from the amazons. (Those puppies range anywhere in price from $12 to hundreds of dollars. I got the $12 one.)

Then I hung my knitting stuff on a few Command hooks to get them off the wall:

And I consolidated all of my cross stitch wips into an empty basket to get rid of more clutter:

This was completely unplanned, but a nice way to spend day three of the deep freeze. I was a bit too tired to stitch last night, but we'll see what I can do to remedy that tonight after treatment. I pulled a very old wip from Bent Creek called The Big Zipper, so we'll see if that strikes my fancy for a few days over the weekend.

So that's it, Dearies,  I made good use of my little staycation without even trying to! A finish and a clean studio heading into February!  Woo hoo!

I'm off to the d-chair in a few moments. Hopefully the car will start...it didn't yesterday and had to be tended to, but since it is now a full three degrees above zero instead of twenty two degrees below zero...I'm hopeful.

Happy Friday! Come tell me all about your plans for the weekend!


  1. Wow! I wish I had the energy to get my crafts organized. When I try I seem to make more of a mess than before,LOL! Guess I am feeling my age more days than not,LOL!

  2. The Cube room looks great! I wish I had your organizing skills :)

  3. Your studio looks fabulous, Coni. It sounded like you found it most enjoyable as you puttered about. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  4. Your studio is very neat and well organized. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Your studio is fabulous! I wish mine were as organized...of course, it isn't and will never be in all likelihood....Sigh... === Barbara

  6. If you ever decide to organize professionally, you've got yourself a customer!!

    1. Can you imagine? My problem is that I would want to show up in my jammies, make us a cup of damn good, and then just sit and giggle while we pet all of your stuff!

  7. Shovelling snow! But just enjoying the warm sun and blue sky through the windows while looking over a winter wonderland. Then I have to clean out the chickens tomorrow - joy (not - but it does make good compost!). Then some stitching I think! Enjoy your weekend - always good to be ahead with chores!