Feb 2, 2019


Yesterday's treatment was a bit rough, but I survived it and came home to watch a little TeeVee before hitting the big girl sleigh bed. I was very happy to learn that my fluid gain from Monday to Friday was minimal...only two pounds.  Now if we can just get this arm back in shape, life will be perfectly swell.

Today has dawned bright and sunny and I am in the Happy Chair with an entire week's worth of newspapers to enjoy:

There were a few days of no delivery this week because of the cold, so yesterday brought a stack to catch up on!

My damn good and crackpot spinster fireplace are really doing their trick this morning. I had run out of my favorite pods...Starbucks French Roast...but thanks to a speedy delivery from the Keurigs, I am back in the happy saddle once more.

Isn't it funny how running out of something can throw your whole game off? I still had damn good, and it was OK, but it just wasn't the same somehow.

(I really am a creature of routine.)

(But I've learned that it's OK. This is how my brain works. The little hampster runs and runs on his little wheel until he is all tuckered out, and a familiar routine...like damn good and the paper...or running the vacuum cleaner on a Saturday morning...or making a pot roast on a snowy Sunday...comforts and soothes him, and gets him re-energized to go again.)

(I've also learned that very little of this craziness is under my control. Apparently my adrenal glands are squirting so much goofy juice into my system that I am in a perpetual state of high alert. I always thought it was just me being me, but there really is a physiological component to all of this that has put my tendency to fret on hyperdrive.)

So I've got that going for ne.

I am going to get my nails done at 1:00 today. JB Magoo reminded me that I promised myself to do this every now and then as a way to be nicer to myself in the face of dialysis, so I'm going to do just that. 

(But it feels so very very decadent and indulgent!)

When I'm done playing Marie Antoinette, I'm going to come home and play with this:
I think this was started sometime in 2003 or 2004, but I could be mistaken. This is Bent Creek's Big Zipper, and was released as a series. You got the linen and big chart first and then the various blocks later on. I seem to remember, though, that I bought the entire thing in one big zippered pouch...hence the zip part.
Anywhoose...that's what I'm going to play with today. 

I hope your weekend is starting swell and that you are having your very own Saaaaaahhhhhhhturday. Do something aaaahhhh inspiring and come tell me all about it!


  1. Coni,
    I really like this pattern! It's got a lot of interesting areas, and yet there are major portions that you can work on without even thinking (like watching the TeeVee!) Sometimes, a brain just needs a little 'non-thinking' while we stitch! Can't wait to see your progress. So happy yesterday in the D-chair wasn't too traumatic, and today is a "do nothing" day. Stay WARM!!!

  2. That sounds like a really nice Saturday! I like the new pattern you'll be working on; with all the different parts it should keep it interesting. It's kind of fun to take out an old WIP - I have a number of those, although my tastes have changed, too, and some of them don't appeal to me anymore, so I have to figure out what to do with them! Hope you have a relaxing weekend and Happy Groundhog Day! (A favorite "holiday" of mine - just fun to celebrate something in the middle of winter!!)

  3. If you go on Facebook to the In Stitches facebook page (LNS in Alexandria VA), there is a picture highlighted of your Bent Creek sampler. It's in the lower left corner of a picture near the top of the page. Adele

  4. Coni, hope you had a marvelous Saturday! Enjoy playing with the Big Zipper stitch!

  5. Such a gorgeous stitch! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine was spent cleaning and decluttering. Not much fun but today I am going to stitch! :)