Feb 26, 2019



I had a rough treatment yesterday, so I made it home and crawled into the big girl sleigh bed for a long nap, but now it's Tuesday morning and I'm wide awake at the heiney crack of pre-dawn.

No stitching last night, obviously, but I will fix that today. I am supposed to go to two appointments and then run errands, but I'm sensing a re-schedule on the menu and a day spent in the Happy Chair instead.

I can't believe how quiet it is at this time of the morning! If I had any brains I'd get up early every day like this and just sit here bathing in the silence. But we all know how much I love to sleep, so this might just have to be a rare treat.

Other than that, absolutely nothing new to report, Dearies.  I do, however, want to take a moment to thank you for your sweet notes and cards!  I so appreciate them and just love how wonderfully swell this thing of ours continues to be. Stitchers really are the very best people!

We're off...like a herd of turtles to conquer the day! (Well, maybe not conquer, exactly. Maybe we'll just greet it, give it a cup of damn good, and see how it goes.)  

Happy Tuesday! Come tell me what's on your agenda for the day!


  1. Sorry to hear your treatment was rough yesterday.(Like others have said, I didn't know that much about dialysis, & am sorry to hear so many days can be so hard.) The quietness of early morning is so lovely, but you can't pass up extra sleep! I've been enjoying seeing the progress on your Cirque des Coeurs - such pretty colors! A schedule adjustment for you to have a relaxing stitching day sounds like a great idea!

  2. Here wishing you a smooth and quiet day today! Thinking of you, Coni!

  3. Hope the next treatment is better! Rest up, friend.

  4. Sorry things got difficult yesterday and a "reschedule" today seems in order...Get the rest you need to recoup for the next treatment. Easy as you go... That morning hush probably contributed to the calming of your spirit, as well.
    Have a good day, Coni.

  5. Coni . . . I really love how your "hearts piece" is coming along. I enjoy the balance of the pattern and the colors you are using. I have to tell you, I'm a bit frustrated with myself as I stitch . . . I have my own "happy chair," and have my project quite well organized. In spite of this, I keep "losing pieces". Admitedly, I work on miniature items (tiny quilts, tiny doll dresses, etc.) so I am dealing with many small elements, but I am continually losing my needle (ouch), sniplets of fabric, even my tiny scissors (which I've taken to putting on a ribbon around my neck). Constantly have to get up and "hunt" for something that has fallen in or beside the chair. I did find a nice lap desk that has pouches on either side for storage, but my puppy highly resents sharing my lap with a lap desk!!! Ha! I would be rather hopeless at transporting my projects (although perhaps the "containment" would help) and at sitting still for treatments. I suspect my chair would be surrounded with bits and pieces of my project. I wouldn't want to bother the nurses with playing my own, personal version of "hide and seek". Ha! Really enjoy following your blog, Coni ad I keep you in my prayers. Sending a hug . . . - Marcia

  6. I too love early mornings when I have to get up but I love love love sleeping in.