Dec 16, 2018


After a Notre Dame women's basketball game at 1:00 today, I am coming home to stitch.

(She says with determination.)

I did finish the inner moteefs of Prairie Moon's Holiday Farm last night:
I have to say, this was a very enjoyable stitch. Why I put it down for a hundred years is completely beyond me. If I had brains, I'd go ahead and finish this by stitching the border and then get it into a pretty frame for next year's Medium Sized and Half Assed Wall of Very Sincere Christmas Stitching.

I suspect that this will be up next on the stitchy docket:
This is Laura J. Perin's Cjristmas Quilt, and I'm stitching this on congress cloth instead of the called for mono canvas. We'll have to see how far I can get now that I have the correct thread in hand (which was indeed Trebizond Parchment).  

Thank you to all of you eagle-eyed stitchy pals who scouted this for me!

Well, I suppose I better get moving, since I don't think I can wear my slippers and pajamas to the game.

Happy Sunday, my Dearies! I hope you get to have the exact day you want!


  1. I love seeing your stitching, I x stitched for over 40 years. Never had more than one project at a time, so your multiple projects intrigues me.I have pretty much turned to quilting now. Don't forget to do some back stitch right there in the center

  2. Question. As you store your undone pieces, do you store them in Q snaps etc ? Inquireing minds want to know. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Nana J!
    If you're talking about my WIPs, I have some canvas pieces on stretcher bars and some off as I've needed sizes for other projects. For cross stitch WIPs, generally I don't keep them on q-snaps or in a fancy project bag, but rather use Ziplock gallon storage bags. When I assemble my working basket, I do try to mount everything so that I can just "grab and go". It takes me forever to get things perfectly straight on q-snaps, so once assembled, I hate to take them off.
    Right now everything is stacked in a corner and in a big canvas basket thingie I have, but I am seriously considering buying a nice big wicker storage trunk from the Targets that I've had my eye on!

  4. The Holiday Farm looks terrific. I do hope that you continue with it until it's completed.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. You may have received weird looks, but you could have gone to the basketball in your jammies and slippers. Good for you on getting the inner motifs stitched!

  6. Both are beautiful projects! Hope to see that border stitched soon :)