Dec 17, 2018


I'm home from the chair and heading in for a nice nap with my face in the sun. Hook up was...ugh...but Miss Lori cane in early so that she could be the one to show Buzzy who's boss. She is my regular tech, and I think she has learned the ins and outs of how to properly put both me and my arm in its place.

The sun is shining today, which makes me happy, but I wouldn't mind a little snow. I was commiserating with a stitchy friend that a white Christmas is mice, but knowing that people can travel safely to and fro is even better.

More later, Dearies! Just wanted to check in!


  1. When I was on chemo, in the days before the pumps, there was a nurse I adored. Not because she was nice - as my mother said, she had the bedside manner of a sick water buffalo - but because when nobody else could get a blood sample or get the IVs going, she could, and nearly painlessly. She'd been an Army nurse in Vietnam, and had forgotten more about getting IVs into unhappy veins than the rest of the staff combined ever knew. She really was my hero.

  2. Miss Lori sounds like a peach. Rest up, Coni.

  3. It's good to appreciate little things - sun shining, a nap, and a medical professional who's really really good at their job.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Glad Miss Lori was able to show Buzzy who was boss! Enjoy your Tuesday, Coni!

  5. Miss Lori sounds like a treasure.... so glad the chair time
    went well for you and you could "recline" in the sun to

  6. I could totally share some of the snow we got last night... about 30cm or so. But it is supposed to be +10 Celsius on Saturday and rain so you better come get some quick. Ugh this weather is driving me bonkers!