Dec 13, 2018


Appointment with Dr. Melfi...check

Cheese and crackers to hold me over until dinner...check

A a movie theater...with big huge comfy recliners that were more comfortable than any chair I've been in for at least eleventy seven hundred years...check

A little popcorn...check

A delicious dinner at Carrabba's...but only a few bites...leftovers for tomorrow...check

Christmas lights in Winding Brook...a total surprise that I thought I was going to have to do by myself but didn't...check

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful day Yours Truly had, Dearies! We saw "The Green Book" and I enjoyed it so completely and totally that it was crazy. I knew it was a true story, but had no idea that it was about someone that I "know". (I don't want to ruin the surprise, but let's just say that when they showed the ending I came right out of my comfy recliner, I was so excited...)

I forgot how much I love going to the movies. As a stitcher, I am so used to just listening to things on the TeeVee that I forgot how nice it is to just lose yourself in a story for a few hours! 

Well, I guess I better go tuck myself into the big girl sleigh bed now! 

I hope your very own Thursday was simply swell....I know mine was!


  1. So nice to hear you had a perfect day doing some of those lovely things like a movie. Don't you just love the recliners??!!

    1. Yaay! Glad your day turned out so well.

      Sydney, Australia (on a borrowed device)

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. Movie theater seats have become much more comfortable.