Dec 14, 2018


Well, here we are, Dearies! Friday at last! The week has been...interesting to say the least, and I am definitely ready to have a few days to re-gather my one remaining wit.

Only one more little moteef to go on the inside of the Prairie Moon Holiday Farm piece, and then it's time for the border. If I can, I'd like to start something new and maybe put a few stitches into another piece from the basket. December is flying by and I am nowhere near where I'd like to be stitchy wise!

No plans for the weekend. I thought about writing a nice long to do list, but we all know how that usually goes, so I'm just going to let it unfold naturally and see what happens.

Here's hoping that your very own weekend is exactly what you want it to be, Dearies! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Your stitched piece is coming along quite nicely, Coni. Today's plan is to get the tree decorated. We'll see if that happens. Hope chair time goes smoothly and you sail on into the weekend!

  2. The stitchy project is looking fab!

    Sydney, Australia
    (on a borrowed device)

  3. 2003, I got my kitty, Lacey. In 2008, my daughter came to live with me awhile (due to that lovely economic time) and she became our kitty. In 2015, I moved to VA. No way Lacey could make the move, she became my daughter's kitty. Last night, Lacey crossed the rainbow bridge. We consoled ourselves at PF Chang's tonight and I see ice cream in my weekend. Yes, I believe I can gain that 4 - 7 pounds.

    Keep up the stitching, Coni. I know it's been sporadic for you lately.

    1. Oh, dear Debby...I am so very sorry for your loss. I suspect Stewey has already introduced himself and started showing her the ropes, but ice cream is never a bad idea.

  4. It is looking so good!! My favorite is the little house :)